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210951. When did Joseph Rotblat die?

Answer: 31-08-2005 12:00:00 AM

210952. Whom did Robert Burns marry?

Answer: Jean Armour

210953. When did Robert Edwards get Nobel Prize for Medicine?

Answer: 2010

210954. Which regiment did Siegfried Sassoon join?

Answer: Royal Welch Fusiliers

210955. Which college had Elizabeth Sanderson Haldane as its governor?

Answer: Birkbeck College

210956. Where did Robert Edwards work in 1958-1962?

Answer: National Institute of Medical Research

210957. Which Oliver Sacks book is about treatment of sleeping sickness?

Answer: Awakenings

210958. Which Herbert Ernest Bates novel is set in India?

Answer: The Scarlet Sword

210959. Which book of John Boynton Priestley was published in 1925?

Answer: The English Comic Characters

210960. When did Scotland Yard move its offices to Norman Shaw Buildings?

Answer: 1890

210961. 1When did England win the Football World Cup?

Answer: 1966

210962. Where did William Makepeace Thackeray die?

Answer: London

210963. Where did Catherine of Valois die?

Answer: London

210964. In which film Peter Sellers played the role of Clare Quilty?

Answer: Lolita

210965. Where did Horatio Nelson marry Frances Nisbet?

Answer: Nevis

210966. What happened to Anne Boleyn?

Answer: Beheaded

210967. When did Elizabeth Woodville die?

Answer: 8 June 1492

210968. When was the House at the Back that became part of 10 Downing Street constructed?

Answer: 1530

210969. Which operation was conceived by Ian Fleming when he was in Naval Intelligence?

Answer: Operation Ruthless

210970. Who was Catherine Parr’s father?

Answer: Thomas Parr

210971. When did Archibald Joseph Cronin write The Citadel?

Answer: 1937

210972. What did the Parliament Act of 1911 do?

Answer: Reduced the power of House of Lords

210973. What did John Scott Haldane develop in 1907?

Answer: Decompression chamber

210974. Which Jackie Collins novel introduced the character of Lucky Santangelo?

Answer: Chances

210975. Who was Anne of Cleves’ mother?

Answer: Maria of Julich Berg

210976. Which of the following books of James Henry Leigh Hunt was published in 1848?

Answer: A Jar of Honey from Mount Hybla

210977. Which idea did John Burdon Sanderson Haldane suggest in Daedalus?

Answer: Test tube baby

210978. Where did Patrick Steptoe study medicine?

Answer: St. George Hospital Medical School

210979. When did Herbert Ernest Bates die?

Answer: 29-01-1974 12:00:00 AM

210980. When was Elizabeth Woodville born?

Answer: 3 February 1437

210981. Who is the Shrew in the play The Taming of the Shrew?

Answer: Katherine

210982. When did Gilbert Keith Chesterton write The Napoleon of Notting Hill?

Answer: 1904

210983. What was George Orwell’s real name?

Answer: Eric Arthur Blair

210984. Which Novel written by Ian Fleming was mentioned by John Kennedy in 1960 as his 9th favourite in a list of 10?

Answer: From Russia With Love

210985. Where did Margaret Beaufort die?

Answer: Westminster

210986. In England foolish jokes are told about which people?

Answer: Irish

210987. When did Thomas Cranmer die?

Answer: 21 March 1556
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