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210751. What did Michael Faraday discover in 1825?

Answer: Benzene

210752. When was Victoria crowned?

Answer: 28 June 1838

210753. What honour did Robert Cecil receive for his diplomacy at the Congress of Berlin in 1878?

Answer: Order of the Garter

210754. To which dynasty George III belong?

Answer: Hanoverian

210755. Which reflected George Meredith’s disastrous marriage to Mary Ellen Nicolls?

Answer: Modern Love

210756. Where did Thomas Gainsborough die?

Answer: London

210757. Who played James Bond in Dr. No?

Answer: Sean Connery

210758. Where was Joseph Mallord William Turner professor of perspective?

Answer: Royal Academy of Arts

210759. Who was the last monarch buried in Westminster Abbey?

Answer: George II

210760. When did John Burdon Sanderson Haldane move to India?

Answer: 1957

210761. When was Matthew Flinders in captivity in Ile de France?

Answer: 1803-1810

210762. Which of the following areas is not under the jurisdiction of Scotland Yard?

Answer: City of London

210763. Where was Joseph Mallord William Turner born?

Answer: London

210764. Which university did Edward Heath attend?

Answer: Oxford

210765. When was The Valley of the Assassins published?

Answer: 1934

210766. When did William Somerset Maugham write Of Human Bondage?

Answer: 1915

210767. George was the name of patron saint of England. What was Orwell?

Answer: Name of a river

210768. Which Christopher Fry play was a legend of miracles?

Answer: The Boy with a Cart

210769. When was Foreign Section of the Secret Service Bureau set up?

Answer: 1909

210770. When did William IV become the King of UK?

Answer: 26 June 1830

210771. Where was John Boynton Priestley born?

Answer: Bradford

210772. When was Doris Lessing born?

Answer: 22-10-1919 12:00:00 AM

210773. When did Doris Lessing win Nobel Prize for Literature?

Answer: 2007

210774. When did George V become king of UK?

Answer: 06-05-1910 12:00:00 AM

210775. When did John Burdon Sanderson Haldane teach at the University of London?

Answer: 1933-1957

210776. 1Who wrote Pygmalion?

Answer: Bernard Shaw

210777. Who as speaker of the House of Commons helped Samuel Richardson get government contracts?

Answer: Arthur Onslow

210778. Where was Wallis Warfield born?

Answer: Blue Ridge Summit

210779. When was Alexander Pope born?

Answer: 21 May 1688

210780. From which constituency was Clement Attlee elected to Parliament in 1922?

Answer: Limehouse

210781. In which of the following films Timothy Dalton played James Bond?

Answer: The Living Daylights

210782. Who became First Lord of the Treasury in 1895 and Prime Minister in 1902?

Answer: Arthur James Balfour

210783. 1The fictional spy James Bond belongs to which organization?

Answer: MI6

210784. Where did Patrick Steptoe work as senior obstetrician and gynaecologist?

Answer: Oldham Hospitals

210785. Where did William Somerset Maugham study medicine?

Answer: St. Thomas’ Medical School

210786. At what age did Horatio Nelson become captain?

Answer: 20 years

210787. What did the House of Commons pass on 22 November 1641?

Answer: Grand Remonstrance

210788. Whose time theories influenced John Boynton Priestley?

Answer: John William Dunne

210789. When did Archibald Joseph Cronin die?

Answer: 06-01-1981 12:00:00 AM

210790. When was Elizabeth I queen of England?

Answer: 1558-1603

210791. For which film did Richard Attenborough win Academy Awards for Best Picture and Best Director?

Answer: Gandhi

210792. When was Arthur Clarke born?

Answer: 16-12-1917 12:00:00 AM

210793. When did Catherine Howard marry Henry VIII?

Answer: 28 July 1540

210794. Where did Matthew Flinders die?

Answer: London

210795. What prevented David Lloyd George from travelling to Russia with Horatio Herbert Kitchener in 1916?

Answer: Irish problem

210796. Whom did George Nathaniel Curzon send to Tibet to negotiate trade and frontier issues?

Answer: Francis Edward Younghusband

210797. Which college did James Ramsay attend?

Answer: Christ Church College

210798. Which ship did James Cook command in 1763-1768?

Answer: Grenville

210799. When did William Makepeace Thackeray write The History of Henry Esmond, Esq.?

Answer: 1852

210800. Who is the most famous fictional secret agent of MI6?

Answer: James Bond
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