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210651. Which is Ohio’s state flower?

Answer: Scarlet carnation

210652. Which brokerage firm caused huge losses to Ulysses Grant?

Answer: Grant & Ward

210653. Which ocean is to the south of Alaska?

Answer: Pacific

210654. Where was Louisa May Alcott born?

Answer: Germantown

210655. Who founded Holly Springs?

Answer: William Randolph

210656. Who led a slave revolt in Charleston in 1822?

Answer: Denmark Vesey

210657. Where was Ellsworth Huntington born?

Answer: Galesburg

210658. When did Maria Goeppert Mayer win Nobel Prize for Physics?

Answer: 1963

210659. Which is the highest point in Maine?

Answer: Mount Katahdin

210660. When did Judy Garland die?

Answer: 22-06-1969 12:00:00 AM

210661. Which American ship was seized by Cambodia in 1975?

Answer: Mayaguyez

210662. Which river separates Arizona from California and Nevada?

Answer: Colorado

210663. Where did Douglas Engelbart do Ph.D. in electrical engineering?

Answer: University of California

210664. Who refused to annex Hawaii to USA?

Answer: Grover Cleveland

210665. When was James Buchanan sworn in as President of USA?

Answer: 4 March 1857

210666. Which of the following books was published by Theodore Roosevelt in 1885?

Answer: Hunting Trips of a Ranchman

210667. In which film Marlon Brando was James Garner’s co-star?

Answer: Sayonara

210668. What is the motto of Illinois?

Answer: State sovereignty national union

210669. Which sea is to the west of Alaska?

Answer: Bering

210670. Which event took place on 24 August 1814?

Answer: The British burned White House and other buildings in Washington

210671. When was the premiere of the film Gone with the Wind?

Answer: 15-12-1939 12:00:00 AM

210672. Since when FBI is known by its present name?

Answer: 01-07-1935 12:00:00 AM

210673. How many states became part of USA when Benjamin Harrison was the President?

Answer: Six

210674. Which college did Eli Wallach attend?

Answer: City College

210675. Which was Mary Astor’s first film?

Answer: Sentimental Tommy

210676. When did Edith Wharton write Ethan Frome?

Answer: 1911

210677. Which is Oklahoma’s state bird?

Answer: Flycatcher

210678. Which state is to the east of Washington?

Answer: Idaho

210679. When did Jacqueline Lee Bouvier marry John F. Kennedy?

Answer: 12-09-1953 12:00:00 AM

210680. Which hurricane damaged Biloxi in 2005?

Answer: Hurricane Katrina

210681. Which institute funded Augmentation Research Center?

Answer: Stanford Research Institute

210682. Who appointed Franklin Roosevelt work Assistant Secretary of Navy?

Answer: Woodrow Wilson

210683. Which expedition was sent by Thomas Jefferson?

Answer: Lewis and Clark Expedition

210684. When did James Fenimore Cooper die?

Answer: 14 September 1851

210685. Where was William Bradford Shockley born?

Answer: London

210686. Who defeated John Qunicy Adams in the Presidential Election of 1828?

Answer: Andrew Jackson

210687. Whose portrait appears on $50 note?

Answer: Ulysses Grant

210688. When was Robert Kennedy born?

Answer: 20-11-1925 12:00:00 AM

210689. When did Clyde William Tombaugh publish The Search for Small Natural Earth Satellites?

Answer: 1959

210690. Of which state was Franklin Roosevelt Governor?

Answer: New York

210691. When was the Battle of the Little Bighorn?

Answer: 25 June 1876

210692. Which is the highest point in Alaska?

Answer: Mount McKinley

210693. When was the voting day for USA Presidential Election 2008?

Answer: 04-11-2008 12:00:00 AM

210694. When was Nevada separated from Utah?

Answer: 1861

210695. Which Sinclair Lewis book is about Fascist takeover of USA?

Answer: It Can’t Happen Here

210696. Andrew Johnson was impeached. By how many votes was he acquitted?

Answer: One

210697. When did John Bardeen win Nobel Prize for Physics for the second time?

Answer: 1972

210698. Which is the state flower of Montana?

Answer: Bitterroot

210699. Where was Lyndon Johnson born?

Answer: Stonewall

210700. When did Illinois become a state of USA?

Answer: 3 December 1818
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