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210601. When did Clyde William Tombaugh discover Pluto?

Answer: 18-02-1930 12:00:00 AM

210602. Which state is to the east of New Hampshire?

Answer: Maine

210603. When did Louisa May Alcott die?

Answer: 6 March 1888

210604. When did Eugene Paul Wigner become a citizen of USA?

Answer: 1937

210605. When did Shirley Temple write Child Star?

Answer: 1988

210606. Who founded Detroit?

Answer: Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac

210607. Which country was defeated by USA in a war in 1898?

Answer: Spain

210608. When did the British erect Fort Dummer?

Answer: 1724

210609. When did Norman Mailer write The Gospel According to the Son?

Answer: 1997

210610. When did the British solicitor general attack Benjamin Franklin before the Privy Council?

Answer: 29 January 1774

210611. Which state is to the east of Kansas?

Answer: Missouri

210612. Where was Robert Kennedy born?

Answer: Brookline

210613. Where did Lyndon Johnson teach?

Answer: Sam Houston High School

210614. Which bridge connects Upper Peninsula and Lower Peninsula of Michigan?

Answer: Mackinac Bridge

210615. When was John F. Kennedy born?

Answer: 29-05-1917 12:00:00 AM

210616. Who was the Republican Party’s candidate for President for USA Presidential Election 2012?

Answer: Mitt Romney

210617. How many Grammy Awards did Judy at Carnegie Hall win?

Answer: Five

210618. When was Elizabeth Female Academy founded?

Answer: 1818

210619. When was Abraham Lincoln first sworn in as President of USA?

Answer: 4 March 1861

210620. When did John Nash win Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel?

Answer: 1994

210621. Where did Melvin Schwartz die?

Answer: Twin Falls

210622. Which disease afflicted Chester Alan Arthur?

Answer: Bright’s

210623. When was Grover Cleveland born?

Answer: 18 March 1837

210624. When was Benjamin Harrison sworn in as President of USA?

Answer: 4 March 1889

210625. Which magazine bought Robert Ripley’s first cartoon?

Answer: Life

210626. When was The Birth of a Nation released?

Answer: 08-02-1915 12:00:00 AM

210627. For which film did Elizabeth Taylor get her first Academy Award for Best Actress?

Answer: Butterfield 8

210628. When did Yogi Berra marry Carmen?

Answer: 26-01-1949 12:00:00 AM

210629. Where was Andrew Johnson born?

Answer: Raleigh

210630. Whose portrait appears on $10,000 note?

Answer: Salmon Chase

210631. Which was Eli Wallach’s first film?

Answer: Baby Doll

210632. When did Edgar Lawrence Doctorow die?

Answer: 21-07-2015 12:00:00 AM

210633. Which novel of Ira Levin was made into a film starring Sharon Stone, William Baldwin and Tom Berenger?

Answer: Sliver

210634. What is the motto of Virginia?

Answer: Sic semper tyrannis

210635. Where did Isaac Asimov die?

Answer: New York

210636. Which is West Virginia’s state bird?

Answer: Cardinal

210637. Which university did James Fenimore Cooper attend?

Answer: Yale

210638. From which university did Jack Kilby obtain his Master of Science in Electrical Engineering degree?

Answer: University of Wisconsin – Extension in Milwaukee

210639. When did Jacqueline Kennedy marry Aristotle Socrates Onassis?

Answer: 20-10-1968 12:00:00 AM

210640. Who founded the city of St. Augustine?

Answer: Pedro Menendez de Aviles

210641. Which cartoon series did Richard Felton Outcault create for Sunday World?

Answer: The Yellow Kid

210642. What was Herbert Hoover’s position in USA cabinet in 1921-1928?

Answer: Commerce Secretary

210643. Where was Warren Gamaliel Harding born?

Answer: Corsica, France

210644. When was Richard Buckminster Fuller born?

Answer: 12 July 1895

210645. What caused William Henry Harrison’s death?

Answer: Pneumonia

210646. When was Millard Fillmore born?

Answer: 7 January 1800
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