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You Are On Question Answer Bank SET 416

20801. Turnov Rusty and Bobo appear in what stage musical

Answer: Starlight Express

20802. Jacqueline Du Prey is a master on what instrument

Answer: Cello

20803. In Heraldry what is a canton

Answer: A Corner

20804. What is the scent of an artificial hare at greyhound tracks

Answer: Anise

20805. What European nation was the first to drink tea

Answer: The Dutch

20806. What is the highest waterfall in the Alps

Answer: The Richenbach Falls

20807. A Jocko is what type of animal

Answer: Chimpanzee or ape

20808. What does a croque Madame have that a croque monsieur don’t

Answer: Egg on top - Cheese Ham Toast

20809. Solomon built his temple on a hill name it

Answer: Zion

20810. What is the colour of mourning in Turkey

Answer: Violet

20811. Tchaikovsky died of which disease

Answer: Cholera

20812. The Great Gazoo was an alien in which cartoon series

Answer: The Flintstones

20813. On an ordinance survey map which symbol shows a battlefield

Answer: Crossed swords

20814. Which classical composer wrote the Hungarian Rhapsody

Answer: Franz Liszt

20815. What was the first Pink Floyd album

Answer: Piper at the gates of dawn

20816. What is the oldest ship commissioned in the Royal Navy

Answer: HMS Victory from 5/7/1775

20817. Which country grew the first Orange

Answer: China

20818. Louis Washkansky was the first to do what in 1967

Answer: Get a heart transplant lived 18 days

20819. Which mythological King chained grapes rose water fell

Answer: Tantalus

20820. A average male will have 2000 what during his lifetime

Answer: Masturbated Ejaculations

20821. What 19th century explorer translated the Kama Sutra

Answer: Sir Richard Burton

20822. What city stands on the Hooghly river

Answer: Calcutta

20823. Where would you find bow, bay and traytime parts of what

Answer: Male deer's antlers

20824. In the human body what is produced by the parotid glands

Answer: Saliva

20825. In Memphis Tennessee beggars must have what before begging

Answer: A $10 begging licence 1996 law

20826. Leonard Sly became famous as who

Answer: Roy Rodgers

20827. In the song who killed Cock Robin

Answer: Sparrow

20828. Who refereed the 1876 Sharky Fitzsimmons fight with a gun

Answer: Wyatt Earp

20829. Skimbleshanks was a T S Elliot cat what was his area

Answer: The Railway Cat
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