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You Are On Question Answer Bank SET 374

18701. The name of which animal means does not drink

Answer: Koala

18702. In scrabble what two letters are worth ten points

Answer: QZ

18703. Crystal City in Texas put up a statue to what cartoon character

Answer: Popeye - they are spinach growers

18704. Thieves Liars Magicians and who were in Dantes 8th circle Hell

Answer: Politicians

18705. What British birds lay only one egg during the nesting season

Answer: Fulmar or Guillemot

18706. Who would use an orange stick

Answer: Manicurist

18707. The Nullarbor desert is in Western Australia what's it mean

Answer: No Trees Null Arbor

18708. What would you do with a drupe

Answer: Eat it - it’s a fruit

18709. Who took over as Fuhrer after Hitler's death till his arrest 1945

Answer: Admiral Karl Donitz

18710. Istanbul and Constantinople what else was it called

Answer: Byzantium

18711. Name the first actor to get best actor Oscar for repeating a role

Answer: Paul Newman -Colour of Money

18712. Where would you find Queen Maud Land

Answer: Antarctica

18713. Franz Liszt was the farther in law of what composer

Answer: Richard Wagner

18714. In the Hindu religion what is a Mandir

Answer: Temple

18715. The electric light first available product what's second

Answer: Electric Oven

18716. With whom is Ludwig Ritter Von Kochel best associated

Answer: Mozart - catalogued K numbers

18717. What science ficton author wrote about The Cities in Flight series

Answer: James Blish

18718. Who wrote Heart of Darkness

Answer: Joseph Conrad

18719. And who was commissioned to rebuild them

Answer: Sir Christopher Wren

18720. What product did the first commercial in the USA advertise

Answer: Bulova Watches
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