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You Are On Question Answer Bank SET 328

16401. Massachusetts in April the law states that dogs will have what

Answer: Rear Legs Tied

16402. Mozart wrote Ah, Vous Dirai-Je, Maman what's its English title

Answer: Twinkle - Twinkle little star

16403. Bacardi and Carioca rums come from what country

Answer: Costa Rico

16404. Name the first war submarine invented by David Bushnell it sank

Answer: Turtle

16405. In the Bible who put Daniel in the lions den

Answer: King Darius

16406. What puppet was based on the creators former wife Sylvia

Answer: Lady Penelope

16407. Which classical poet said Amor vincet omnia Love Conquers all

Answer: Virgil

16408. Kan Pei - Terveydeksi - Op Je gazonheid 3 ways saying what

Answer: Good Health - Cheers

16409. If you have dysmorphia what do you hate

Answer: A body part

16410. Ten 1000 virgins bought insurance against what in 2000

Answer: Immaculate conception

16411. What light operas name literally means Honourable Gate

Answer: The Mikado

16412. E H Shepherd illustrated which series of stories

Answer: Winnie the Pooh

16413. Who said "I have no problems with drugs - only policemen"

Answer: Keith Richard

16414. What was Procul Harem's greatest hit

Answer: Whiter shade of pale

16415. In 1976 in USA 23 people got swine fever and died from what

Answer: The Treatment

16416. Who was dropped by 20th cent Fox for being too ugly

Answer: Marilyn Munroe by Darryl Zanuck

16417. In ancient Egypt what food was reserved for the Pharaohs

Answer: Mushrooms

16418. Juliet Gordon Low founded what in Savannah Georgia 1912

Answer: Girl Guides

16419. In Star Trek the Ferengi 10th rule of Acquisition what is eternal

Answer: Greed

16420. In traditional wedding anniversaries what is given on the eighth

Answer: Bronze

16421. In WW2 what linked members of the Caterpillar club

Answer: Life saved parachute

16422. On a prescription the Latin expression Ter in Die means what

Answer: Three times daily

16423. If an Australian had a Bingle what would it be

Answer: Car Accident

16424. What are Misty Rain Sunshine Blue Honey Rose

Answer: Porn Stars

16425. In fable who sold a cow for five beans

Answer: Jack ( and grew a beanstalk )

16426. Hotfoot Teddy was the original name of what icon

Answer: Smokey the Bear

16427. What is the correct name for a male red deer

Answer: Hart
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