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You Are On Question Answer Bank SET 315

15751. Two thirds of the worlds geysers are found where

Answer: Yellowstone Park

15752. All the pictures of which king are always shown in profile

Answer: King of Diamonds

15753. James Bond flew Little Nellie in which film

Answer: You Only Live Twice

15754. Who said "All I can say is that I'm not a Marxist"

Answer: Karl Marx

15755. Which musical stage show ( and film ) uses tunes by Borodin

Answer: Kismet

15756. John McLaughlin made sold McLaughlin's Belfast style - what

Answer: Canada Dry Ginger

15757. The White House has 13092 of them - what

Answer: Knives forks and spoons

15758. Who appeared on the first US postage stamps (both names)

Answer: Washington - Franklin

15759. J H Robertson invented what

Answer: Automatic Gearbox

15760. What has 32 panels and 642 stitches

Answer: A football (soccer)

15761. What is Britain's most commonly planted tree

Answer: Sitka Spruce

15762. What currency consists of 100 Groschen

Answer: Austrian Schilling

15763. Wife Beware in 1933 was the first film shown where

Answer: A Drive in theatre

15764. A sheep duck and rooster were worlds the first what

Answer: Passengers in hot air balloon

15765. What colour was Tweety Bird originally

Answer: Pink

15766. What Japanese word means good for nothing

Answer: Yakuza

15767. What USA city is also a slang name for a pineapple

Answer: Chicago

15768. What act do the French call The English Perversion

Answer: Whipping Flagellation

15769. What was introduced to the UK 1799 as a temporary measure

Answer: Income Tax

15770. What is the most frequent cause of business errors

Answer: Illegible handwriting

15771. What is the longest golf course to stage the British Open

Answer: Carnoustie 7066 yards

15772. The Camorra was the forerunner of what organisation in the USA

Answer: The Mafia

15773. Jesus was born in Bethlehem what does Bethlehem mean

Answer: House of Bread

15774. In what modern country is mount Ararat

Answer: Turkey

15775. 80% of restaurant diners don’t do what

Answer: Eat dessert

15776. An American in Maine got a divorce cos wife fed him only what

Answer: Pea Soup

15777. In US Emergency rooms what toy is often found in rectums

Answer: Barbie - most common doll up ass

15778. 45% of Americans use what each day

Answer: Mouthwash

15779. William Herschel astronomer was a musician what instrument

Answer: Organ

15780. Famous fictional character first appeared in Meet the Tiger 1928

Answer: Simon Templar Saint
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