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You Are On Question Answer Bank SET 312

15601. Who wrote the book The Complete Angler in 1653

Answer: Isaac Walton

15602. Fulton John Short - Later John Fulton first US to do what

Answer: Qualify as Matador

15603. Who said "sex older women best they think its their last time"

Answer: Ian Fleming

15604. Charcarodon Carcharias is the Latin name for what creature

Answer: Great White Shark

15605. What is extracted from the ore cinnabar

Answer: Mercury

15606. How - two thieves convicted 1984 executed in Sudan Aug 1990

Answer: Crucified

15607. Scotophobia is the fear of what

Answer: Being seen by others

15608. Where could you have a kip - then spend it

Answer: Laos its currency

15609. What song did Rick ask Sam to play in Casablanca

Answer: As Time Goes By

15610. Brother Benedict translated name of what port and food product

Answer: Fray Bentos

15611. At what farm does Aunt Ada Doom go on about nasty woodshed

Answer: Cold Comfort Farm

15612. A Seattle ordinance says goldfish in bowls must do what in buses

Answer: Stay still - not move

15613. Who wrote the Royal Firework Music

Answer: George Friedric Handel

15614. Name Shakespeare play Ariel, Miranda and Prospero appear

Answer: The Tempest

15615. Gene Kelly Michael York Joss Ackland all played who

Answer: D'Artagan

15616. You can ski on the piste but what other sport uses the term

Answer: Fencing where the fight happens

15617. Who owned Rin Tin Tin in the series

Answer: Rusty

15618. What is the most common name for Playboy centrefolds

Answer: Susan

15619. If you are on the Choke mountains what country are you in

Answer: Ethiopia

15620. What stretch of water separates Italy and Sicily

Answer: Straights of Messina

15621. John Gore, Edward Saunders pioneered what org in Australia

Answer: Salvation Army

15622. What writer was paid $5 for writing thanks

Answer: Rudyard Kipling

15623. An unkindness is a group of what birds

Answer: Ravens

15624. The word bank comes from the Italian banco - literal meaning what

Answer: Bench - where moneylender sat

15625. Who in US was given Hitler's Supreme Order of German Eagle

Answer: Henry Ford

15626. What character Tamed the Shrew in the Shakespeare play

Answer: Petrucchio

15627. The Amazon river dolphins are what colour

Answer: Pink

15628. Roman soldiers were given slaves - what were they called

Answer: Addicts addicted means enslaved

15629. Queen Victoria said it the saddest place in all Christendom where

Answer: Mearsyside

15630. English law males should do it 2 hours week watched by vicar

Answer: Archery Practice
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