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You Are On Question Answer Bank SET 290

14501. The average Britain in their lifetime eats 5400 what

Answer: Bags Crisps - chips

14502. What form modern sculpture invented Calder named Dechamp

Answer: The Mobile

14503. President Woodrow Wilson May 6th 1919 first to do what

Answer: Take out Air accident Insurance

14504. V.O. and Pedigree whiskeys made by what Canadian company

Answer: Seagrams

14505. Who was the leader of the Polish trade union Solidarity

Answer: Lech Walesa

14506. Where would you find a crossjack and a spanker

Answer: Sailing ship there sails

14507. Churches in Malta have two what

Answer: Clocks right and wrong confuse devil

14508. St Peter was the first Pope - Who was second

Answer: St Linus

14509. Why was Mary Mallen locked up from 1915 to 1938

Answer: Typhoid Mary

14510. The star Antares is in which constellation

Answer: Scorpius

14511. In a museum La Crosse Kansas is Crandals Champion what

Answer: Barbed Wire museum

14512. Gavrilo Princip assassinated who

Answer: Archduke Ferdinand

14513. What type of large vehicle is named after a Hindu God

Answer: Juggernaut

14514. What French actors catch phrase Come with me to the Casbah

Answer: Charles Boyer - in Algiers

14515. Who is the Patron Saint of Spain

Answer: St James

14516. The Tilia is the Latin name for what type of tree

Answer: Lime

14517. Athens 1896 Paris 1900 St Louis 1904 London 1908 what next

Answer: Stockholm 1912 -Olympic venues

14518. Which English King was crowned on Christmas day

Answer: William the Conqueror in 1066

14519. Who was the runner up in the 1979 Le Mans 24 hour race

Answer: Paul Newman

14520. US what was the last brand of cigarettes to be advertised on TV

Answer: Virginia Slims

14521. What is never shown in a Las Vegas Casino

Answer: The Time - No Clocks

14522. Derived from Greek what does alias literally mean

Answer: Otherwise

14523. Elizabethan women had three what modest, rascal and secret

Answer: Petticoats worn modest outside

14524. What is an onychophagist

Answer: A nail biter

14525. Again in Ecuador if you were served cuy what have you eaten

Answer: Guinea pig

14526. If you had some gentles, jig, gag and coop what are you doing

Answer: Fishing

14527. Chiuhauha dogs were originally bred for what

Answer: Tasty meat

14528. What was a Nuremberg egg

Answer: Pocket watch / clock

14529. Who rode Rocinante

Answer: Don Quixote

14530. In Gustav Holsts planets suite which planet is the magician

Answer: Uranus

14531. KLM is the national airline of which country

Answer: Holland
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