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139151. Who was the mother of Shatrughna?

Answer: Sumitra.

139152. Where did Urmila live while her husband Lakshmana was keeping company of Rama in the forest?

Answer: In Ayodhya, in the palace.

139153. From whom did Kama receive the divine armour?

Answer: He was born with the divine armour (kavacha) and earrings (kundala).

139154. Why did Arjuna take the vow that he would kill Jayadratha before sunset the next day?

Answer: Because Jayadratha had prevented the Pandavas from entering the Chakravyuha (the wheel formation of the army). This enabled the Kauravas to kill Abhimanyu who had breached the Chakravyuha all alone.

139155. After Rama lays siege to Lanka, whom does he send as his ambassador?

Answer: Angada.

139156. What was the vehicle of Shiva?

Answer: Nandi, the bull.

139157. Who presented the bow, Gandiva to Arjuna?

Answer: Varuna at the request of Agni.

139158. What was the weapon of Indra?

Answer: Vajra, the thunderbolt.

139159. Who killed the asura Pralamba?

Answer: Balarama.

139160. How did Hanuman get the name Anjaneya?

Answer: Because he was the offspring of Anjana.

139161. Why did King Shibi cut off his flesh?

Answer: Shibi had given refuge to a dove. When the kite claimed that the dove was his lawful prey, Shibi offered to give any other flesh in lieu of the dove. To this, the kite asked for the flesh cut from Shibi's right thigh equal in weight to the dove.

139162. What was the name of Dronacharya's father?

Answer: Sage Bharadwaja.

139163. Jamadagm had something which Sahasrarjuna wanted. What was it?

Answer: The cow - Kamadhenu.

139164. How did earth come to be called as Prithvi?

Answer: King Prithu was the first among men to till the soil and make it yield crops. The word Prithvi is derived from Prithu.

139165. Who suggested to Rama the place they could live in happiness? What was the name of the place?

Answer: Sage Bharadwaja suggested to Rama that they could live happily on Mount Chitrakoot.

139166. In whose ashram did Rama meet Shabari?

Answer: Sage Matanga.

139167. How did Parvati come to be called Apama?

Answer: To win over Shiva, Parvati practised great austerities and lived without eating even a leaf. (Parna means leaf and Aparna means without even a leaf.)

139168. Who was the Commander-in-chief of the armies of Jarasandha?

Answer: Shishupala.

139169. To whom does Yudhishthira offer the first worship at the time of the Rajasuya Yajna?

Answer: To Krishna.

139170. When Jarasandha heard from his daughters about the killing of Kamsa, what vow did he take?

Answer: "I will not rest till I wipe out the entire race of the Yadavas."

139171. Who was the warrior who was said to have been born to kill Drona?

Answer: Dhristadyumna.

139172. When Drona held a test in archery in a field outside Hastinapura, what was the target?

Answer: The head of a wooden bird hanging from a branch of a tree. (In common folklore it is referred to as the eye of the bird).

139173. Who taught Duryodhana how to wield a mace?

Answer: Balarama.

139174. Whom did Dasharatha send to fetch Rama to Kaikeyi's palace?

Answer: Sumantra, the minister.

139175. What was the name of Sage Rishyashringa's wife?

Answer: Shanta.

139176. The Pandavas had decided to construct a palace at Indraprastha. During this discussion who joined in and gave them the description of the courts of Indra, Yama, Varuna, Kubera and Brahma?

Answer: Narada.

139177. For whom does Nala work as a charioteer?

Answer: King Ritupama.

139178. Parikshit was living in a closely guarded tower. How could a serpent bite him?

Answer: Takshaka entered a fruit in the shape of a worm and this was taken to the king by a Naga in the guise of a Brahmin.

139179. What was the advice given by Maricha to Ravana when he spoke of his plan to carry away Sita?

Answer: Do not antagonise Rama.
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