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138751. Below which tree did Krishna usually play the flute?

Answer: Kadamba.

138752. What was the name of Ashtavakra's father?

Answer: Kahodara (also known as Khagodara). The child, Ashtavakra was crooked in eight parts.

138753. What was the name of Drona's wife?

Answer: Kripi.

138754. Soon after the Pandavas and the Kauravas gathered in Kurukshetra, why did Yudhishthira go to meet Bhishma?

Answer: To seek his blessings.

138755. Why is Rama sometimes called Raghava?

Answer: Raghava means a descendant of Raghu. In this sense not only Rama but also Lakshmana, Bharata and Shatrughna can be called Raghava. But traditionally the eldest male was given the appellation.

138756. Where did Duryodhana hide towards the end of the eighteenth day of the battle of Kurukshetra?

Answer: Inside a lake.

138757. What was the capital of the Kaurava's kingdom?

Answer: Hastinapura.

138758. What was the name of the vulture that fought with Ravana to save Sita?

Answer: Jatayu.

138759. Who was the mother of Dhritarashtra?

Answer: Ambika.

138760. To whom did Shiva present the Pashupatastra?

Answer: Arjuna.

138761. What was the name of the bow, which Rama broke in Janaka's capital?

Answer: Shiva-Dhanush.

138762. Rukmini was in love with Krishna. However her brother Rukmi, wanted to give her hand in marriage to another king. Identify this king.

Answer: Shishupala.

138763. What was the name of Rukmini's brother?

Answer: Rukmi.

138764. How was Hiranyaksha related to Hiranyakashipu?

Answer: He was his brother.

138765. Who was Sushena, mentioned in the Ramayana?

Answer: The Royal Physician.

138766. Who was the chief minister of Ravana who was killed by Vibhishana in the battle against Sri Rama?

Answer: Prahasta.

138767. What was the virtue for which Kama was famous?

Answer: Generosity.

138768. When Rama and Lakshmana are injured who ordered Hanuman to bring the herbs needed to revieve them?

Answer: Sushena.

138769. To which deity did Rukmini pray?

Answer: Goddess Parvati.

138770. Who was the Guru of the Devas (gods)?

Answer: Brihaspati.

138771. When Yudhishthira goes away to the forest to lead a peaceful life whom does he crown as the King?

Answer: Parikshit.

138772. Why did Bharata place Rama's sandals on the throne?

Answer: This was done as a symbol of Rama's authority who was away.

138773. What was the name of Parashurama's mother?

Answer: Renuka.

138774. In which vehicle did Rama, Lakshmana and Sita return to Ayodhaya from Lanka?

Answer: Pushpaka vimana.

138775. When Nachiketa asked for the secret of immortality, what did Yama reply?

Answer: "When all the desires- cherished by the mind cease, it is here and now that the mortal becomes immortal."

138776. What was the name of Jambavati's father?

Answer: Jambavan.

138777. Which mountain was the abode of Sage Parashurama?

Answer: Mount Mahendra.

138778. For which skill was Nala well-known?

Answer: Nala was a great charioteer.

138779. Who told Kamsa that Krishna and Balarama were, in reality, the sons of Vasudeva?

Answer: Narada.

138780. Who killed Prasena, the brother of Satrajit?

Answer: A lion.

138781. What was the original name of Indraprastha, before the Pandavas began to rule over it?

Answer: Khandavaprastha.

138782. How was Krishna related to Abhimanyu?

Answer: Abhimanyu was his nephew (sister's son).
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