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You Are On Question Answer Bank SET 274

13701. Zymase and Glucose combine to form what drug

Answer: Alcohol

13702. Which cartoon character lives in Sweetwater

Answer: Popeye's home port

13703. Lake Tittikaka is in Peru and what other country

Answer: Bolivia

13704. Whose last published novel was Murder from the Past

Answer: Agatha Christie

13705. In MASH what is Radars favourite drink

Answer: Grape Knee High

13706. Dorothy Cavis-Brown made news at Wimbledon - why

Answer: Lineswoman - slept in chair

13707. Measure for Measure deals with what contemporary theme

Answer: Angelo harasses Isabella sexually

13708. In heraldry an animal reguardant is doing what

Answer: Looking backwards

13709. In Iowa pouring what down a pub drain with cop there is illegal

Answer: Water it becomes an illegal alcohol

13710. Whose backing group was The Coconuts

Answer: King Creole

13711. Sir Walter Raleigh found what odd lake in Trinidad

Answer: Lake of Tar or Asphalt

13712. What dog has the best eyesight

Answer: Greyhound

13713. Anethum tastes a little like aniseed - what herb is it

Answer: Dill

13714. Morris Frank brought Buddy from Swiss in 1928 what was Buddy

Answer: First Seeing eye dog in USA

13715. In Los Angeles its illegal to do what on the witness stand

Answer: Cry

13716. Who composed the opera Turendot

Answer: Giacomo Puccini

13717. In a survey what food did Americans say they hated most

Answer: Tofu

13718. Zambia and Zimbabwe used to be called what

Answer: Rhodesia

13719. Which city is the capital of Tuscany

Answer: Florence

13720. Spain Portugal and Algeria are three top produces of what

Answer: Cork

13721. Dish served A la Crecy is garnished with what

Answer: Carrots

13722. What does a librettist do

Answer: Write words to opera

13723. What word in English has the most synonyms

Answer: Drunk

13724. 1979 at Clifton suspension bridge Britain's first what happened

Answer: Bungee Jump

13725. in a famous Disney film who are Flora Fauna and Merryweather

Answer: Fairy Godmothers Sleeping Beauty

13726. Which boys name means - he who resembles God

Answer: Michael

13727. Alberto Tomba is a name associated with which sport

Answer: Skiing

13728. What kind of animal is Beatrix Potters Mrs Tiggy Winkle

Answer: Hedgehog

13729. In Blythe Ca. you cant wear cowboy boots unless you own what

Answer: Minimum 5 head of cattle
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