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134901. Chalet

Answer: A mountain house with a wide,overhanging roof and posts and beams. The style originated in Switzerland.

134902. Villa

Answer: A large country or resort home.

134903. Flat

Answer: An apartment on one floor of a building.

134904. Quonest Hut

Answer: A premade, portable circular hut made of metal and used by the U.S. Army.

134905. Tenement`

Answer: A rundown, low-rent apartment building.

134906. Yurt

Answer: A circular, portable, hut used as a home by asian shepherds. It is similar to the American wigwarm.

134907. Octagon House

Answer: A house with eight sides.

134908. Palace

Answer: A large, grand building in which royally live.

134909. Underground House

Answer: An earth shelter built below the ground. The earth keeps the house warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

134910. Mobile Home

Answer: A trailor used as a permanent home and made without a permanent foundation.

134911. Tepee, Tipi

Answer: A cone-shaped portable home made of buffalo skins and tree saplings, used by the American Indians of the Great Plains.

134912. Boardinghouse

Answer: A house in which rooms are rented and meals are served in a common dining room.

134913. Jacal

Answer: A thatched hut made of intertwined branches and mud, built in Mexico.

134914. Tent

Answer: A portable house made of skins, Canvas, or nylon.

134915. Apartment

Answer: A set of rooms in a building which usually contains other similar sets of rooms.

134916. Rectory

Answer: The house in which a Roman Catholic priest or Episcopal cergyman lives.

134917. Log Cabin

Answer: A small house made of unhewn timber.

134918. Hogan

Answer: A building made of logs and mud, used by the Navaho Indians.

134919. Geodesic Dome

Answer: A large, flat-bottom boat used as a home.

134920. Wigwarm

Answer: A hut with a frame made of poles and covered iwht bark,rush mats, or hides, used by American Indians.

134921. Cottage

Answer: A small country home or summer house used for vacations.

134922. Farmhouse

Answer: Thie dwelling for people who live and work on a farm raising animals or crops.
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