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You Are On Question Answer Bank SET 2501

125051. Glimpses of World History is a collection of letters written by Jawaharlal Nehru. To whom were these letters written?

Answer: Indira Gandhi

125052. Complete the proverb 'A stitch in time....

Answer: Savesnine

125053. 1952 A.D. is an important year in British History why?

Answer: King George VI

125054. Who is known as the father of Indian Nuclear Science?

Answer: Homi Bhabha

125055. How many silent movies were released in India before Talkie movies came into existence?

Answer: 1300

125056. When did Ceylon became Srilanka?

Answer: 5/1/1972 12:00:00 AM

125057. In which country would you find the Yak?

Answer: Tibet

125058. Name the scientist, credited with the invention of the Crescograph?

Answer: J.C.Bose

125059. Who was the scientist in charge of the project which produced the atom bomb?

Answer: J. Robert Openheimer

125060. Who is the founder of Modern Germany?

Answer: Bismarck

125061. Who is known as the Indian Prince of Poets?

Answer: Kalidas

125062. Where is the sea of Tranquility located?

Answer: On the Moon

125063. What is the unit of power?

Answer: Watts

125064. Who is the creator of the character 'Tarzan'?

Answer: Edgar Rice Burroughs

125065. Two elements that are commonly present in artificial fertilizers are Nitrogen & Phosphorus which is the third one?

Answer: Patassium

125066. Rabindranath Tagore gave up his knighthood because of which incident?

Answer: Jalianwalabagh tragedy

125067. Costa Rica

Answer: San Jose = 506

125068. Tavalu

Answer: Funafuti = 688

125069. Syria

Answer: Damascus = 963

125070. United Arab Amirates

Answer: Abu Dhabi = 971

125071. Haiti

Answer: Port-au-Prince = 509

125072. Brunei

Answer: Brunei = 673

125073. Lebanon

Answer: Beirut = 961
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