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124751. Marshal Tito (1892-1980)

Answer: Yugoslav leader. Called the Neutral Nations Conference at Belgrade in 1961. A firm believer in non-alignment.

124752. Leo Tolstoy (1828-1910)

Answer: Russian writer,philosopher,social reformer and religious teacher. His chief novels are `War and Peace', `Anna Karenina', `Resurrection', etc.

124753. Hiuen Tsang

Answer: Famous Chinese Buddhist pilgrim who visited India during the reign of King Harsha, stayed in India from 629 to 644 A.D. and learnt Buddhist scriptures at Nalanda University. He has left interesting records of the conditions in India at that time.

124754. Thomas Alva Edison (1847-1931)

Answer: American inventor. Invented telephone transmitter, megaphone, phonograph, incandescent bulb, cinematograph, etc.

124755. Alexander the Great (356-323 b.C.)

Answer: Became the king of Macedon in Greece in 336 B.C. One of the greatest generals and conquerors of the world.Founded Alexandria and invaded India in 326 B.C. Reached Beas. Died at Babylon.

124756. Aesop (620-544 B.C.)

Answer: Famous writer of greece. his fables are very instructive and interesting.

124757. Harsha Vardhana

Answer: Hindu King of India (606-647 A.D.). The account of his reign is available from two sources : Hiuen Tsand, a Chinese traveller, and Bana Bhatt, the famous Sanskrit poet. Nalanda University flourished during his time.

124758. Socrates (463-399 B.C.)

Answer: Greek Philosopher and intellectual leader. Plato was his pupil. He was sentenced to death on charges of impiety and corrupting the young.

124759. Galileo

Answer: Italian mathematician and astronomer. Invented telescope (1609) and the first man to see the satellites of Jupiter.(1564-1642)

124760. Mihir Sen

Answer: He is the first Indian to swim the English Channel. He also swam the Palk Strait, the Gibralter strait and Dardanelles strait.
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