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You Are On Question Answer Bank SET 2399

119951. China

Answer: National Peoples,Congress

119952. Malaysia

Answer: Dewan Rakyat(Upper),Dewan Nagara (Lower)

119953. Canada

Answer: Parliament (Lower House:House of Commons, Upper House:Senate)

119954. Spain

Answer: Crotes

119955. Pakistan

Answer: Parliament(National Assembly and Senate)

119956. Holland

Answer: States,General

119957. U.S.S.R.

Answer: Supreme Soviet

119958. West Germany

Answer: Lower House-Bundesrat,Upper House-Bundestag

119959. South Africa

Answer: House of Assembly

119960. Poland

Answer: Sejin

119961. Ireland

Answer: Althing

119962. Britain

Answer: Parliament (House of Commons is the Lower House and House of lords is the Upper house)

119963. Japan

Answer: Diet

119964. Denmark

Answer: Folketing

119965. India

Answer: Parliament (Lok Sabha is the Lower house & Rajya Sabha is the Upper House)

119966. Switzerland

Answer: Federal Assembly

119967. Sweden

Answer: Riksdag

119968. Australia

Answer: Parliament

119969. New Zealand

Answer: House of Representatives

119970. Mongolia

Answer: Khurat

119971. Iran

Answer: Majlis

119972. Bangladesh

Answer: Jatiyo Sangsad

119973. U.S.A.

Answer: Congress (Lower House-house of Representatives & Upper house-Senate)

119974. Nepal

Answer: Panchayat

119975. Israel

Answer: Kneeset
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