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You Are On Question Answer Bank SET 2336

116801. Longest Barrage

Answer: Sone

116802. Athletics

Answer: Dead Heat,Steeple Chase,Photo Finish.

116803. Volleyball

Answer: Deuce,spikers,Booster

116804. Wrestling

Answer: Half Nelson,Heave.

116805. Boxing

Answer: Jab,Hook,Kidney Punch,Rabbit Punch,Slam,Uppercut,Knockout.

116806. Chess

Answer: Bishop,Gambit,Checkmate,Stalemate.

116807. Lawn Tennis

Answer: Volley,Smash,Deuce,Service,Let,Grnad Slam,Double Fault,Back hand drive.

116808. Cricket

Answer: L.B.W.,Stumped,Bye,Leg-Bye,Googhly,Hattrick,Follow on,Gully,Drive,Duck,No Ball,Cover Point,Silly point,Pitch,Leg Break,Silly point,Cover point,Hit-Wicket,Late-cut,Slip,Stone-walling,Chinaman,Leg spinner,The Ashes,Bodyline Bowling,Bumper Bowling,Chucker.

116809. Hockey

Answer: Bully,Penalty-corner,Stick,Scoop,Sudden-death,Tie-breaker,Carried,Roll in,Striking Cirle,Under cutting.

116810. Football

Answer: Off-side,Dribble,Throwin,Touch-down,Stopper,Penalty,Foul,Drop-kick.

116811. Billiards

Answer: Cue,Jigger,Pot,Scratch,Cannons.

116812. Badminton

Answer: Deuce,Drop,Smash,Let,Love.

116813. Rifle-Shooting

Answer: Bully's eye (Centre of target

116814. Golf

Answer: Bogey,Hole,Put,Tee,Stymic,Caddle.
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