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116751. Largest Tunnel

Answer: Jawahar Tunnel (Bannihal,Kashmir)

116752. Largest Desert

Answer: Thar (Rajasthan)

116753. Largest Dome

Answer: Gol Gumbaz, Bijapur

116754. Highest Peak

Answer: Nanda Devi

116755. Largest Corridor

Answer: Rameshwaram Temple's Corridor

116756. Tallest Statue

Answer: Statue of Gomateswara in Karnataka

116757. Highest Gateway

Answer: Buland Darwaza,Fatehpur Sikri

116758. Highest Dam

Answer: Bhakra Nangal Dam,Punjab

116759. Longest Cantilever Span Bridge

Answer: Hawrah Bridge,Calcutta

116760. Highest Tower

Answer: Qutab Minar

116761. Largest State (area)

Answer: Madhya Pradesh

116762. Longest Road

Answer: Grant Trunk Road

116763. Longest Bridge

Answer: Sone,Bihar

116764. Largest Railway Platform

Answer: Kharagpur Platform

116765. Largest Lake

Answer: Wulur (Kashmir)

116766. Tallest T.V. Tower

Answer: Tower of Delhi (235 metres)

116767. Highest Rainfall

Answer: Cherrapunji,Assam

116768. Biggest Museum

Answer: Indian Museum,Calcutta

116769. Largest Population State

Answer: U.P.

116770. Largest Delta

Answer: Sunderban Delta

116771. Longest Road Bridge

Answer: Nehru Setu on river Sone (3061 metres)

116772. Largest Cave Temple

Answer: Ellora (Maharashtra)

116773. Highest Waterfalls

Answer: Jog Falls (Karnataka)

116774. Largest District

Answer: Ladakh (J&K)

116775. Largest Mosque

Answer: Jumma Masjid,Delhi

116776. Highest Award

Answer: Bharat Ratna

116777. Highest Award for gallantry

Answer: Param Vir Chakra

116778. Longest Dam

Answer: Hirakund Dam (Orissa)

116779. Longest River

Answer: The Ganges
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