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You Are On Question Answer Bank SET 2165

108251. The 2004 Olympic games were held at

Answer: Athens

108252. The national sport of Japan is

Answer: Judo

108253. The game in which the referee is called the President is

Answer: Fencing

108254. The sport also known as Toxophily is

Answer: Archery

108255. The Worldcup Football 1998 was held at

Answer: France

108256. The 1998 Australian Open women's title was won by

Answer: Martina Hingis

108257. The first Winter Olympic Games were held at

Answer: Chamonix,France

108258. The first Indian Chess player who defeated the world champion was

Answer: Sultan Khan

108259. The youngest player to play cricket for England was

Answer: D.B.Close

108260. The 4th Cricket Worldcup was held in

Answer: India, 1987

108261. The youngest player to score a century in the test Cricket is

Answer: Mushtaq Muhammad of Pakistan

108262. The number of players in a baseball team is

Answer: Nine
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