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You Are On Question Answer Bank SET 2130

106501. Golf originated in

Answer: Scotland

106502. The Ezar Cup is associated with

Answer: Polo

106503. The five rings of the Olympic symbol represent

Answer: Five continents

106504. The 12th Asian Games were hosted by

Answer: Japan

106505. Table Tennis Federation of India was established in

Answer: 1937

106506. The Worldcup Football 1990 was won by

Answer: W.Germany

106507. The overall length of a Badminton court is

Answer: 44 feet

106508. `By God's Grace' was written by

Answer: Kapil Dev

106509. Morocco

Answer: Dirham

106510. Vietnam

Answer: Dong

106511. Israel

Answer: Shekel

106512. Venezuela

Answer: Boliver

106513. Ukraine

Answer: Ukraine Rouble

106514. India

Answer: Rupee

106515. Denmark

Answer: Krone

106516. Turkey

Answer: Turkish Lira

106517. Mexico

Answer: Mexican Peso

106518. UAE

Answer: UAE Dirham

106519. Taiwan

Answer: Taiwan Dollar

106520. Maldives

Answer: Rufiyaa

106521. Romania

Answer: Leu

106522. Switzerland

Answer: Swiss Franc

106523. France

Answer: French Franc

106524. United States of america

Answer: US Dollar

106525. Kazakhstan

Answer: Tenge

106526. Pakistan

Answer: Pakistani Rupee
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