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You Are On Question Answer Bank SET 2124

106201. `Man and the Biosphere'an ecological programme was launched by

Answer: UNESCO

106202. Uranium miners more frequently suffer from

Answer: Cancer

106203. Hay fever is due to the presence of which thing in the air

Answer: Pollen

106204. Air pressure is related to density of air. This was discovered by whom in 1662 AD

Answer: Robert Boyle

106205. As one goes higher in the atmosphere,air pressure

Answer: Decreases

106206. About how many percent of the world's water is solid

Answer: Two

106207. Water covers about how many percent of the earth's surface

Answer: Seventy

106208. 99 percent of the crust of earth is composed of

Answer: Elements

106209. The fourth atmospheric layer is called

Answer: Ionosphere

106210. A motor car produces least amount of pollution while

Answer: Moving

106211. Two types of basic energy is

Answer: Potential energy,kinetic energy

106212. The Royal society for the Protection of Birds was formed in

Answer: 1889 AD
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