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You Are On Question Answer Bank SET 2119

105951. William Ramsay discovered that air also contained tiny traces of

Answer: Inert gases

105952. Junk of appliances and vehicles is known as

Answer: Solid Waste

105953. Bubbles in soda water is due to presence of

Answer: Carbon dioxide

105954. The biggest energy source on the surface of the earth is

Answer: Solar radiation

105955. The simplest and least polluting way of deriving energy is

Answer: Solar energy

105956. Heavy water can be extracted from ordinary water by the process of

Answer: Distillation

105957. The type of soil found in the dessert is

Answer: Aridisols

105958. The metal which causes systemic poisoning in man is

Answer: Lead

105959. The air surrounding the earth is forever on the move because of

Answer: Sun's heat

105960. The industrial chemical which increases the chance of developing Leukemia is

Answer: Benzene

105961. The fifth atmospheric layer is called

Answer: Exosphere

105962. 21 percent of the atmosphere is

Answer: Oxygen

105963. Plants inhale what and give out what

Answer: Carbon dioxide,oxygen

105964. The most recently discovered ecosystem is

Answer: Vent

105965. The element found abundant in the crust of the earth is

Answer: Oxygen

105966. Dust containing silica causes

Answer: Silicosis

105967. The living beings which are known as teritary consumers are

Answer: Meat-eating animals

105968. The most common compound on earth is

Answer: Water

105969. The place referred to as the Valley of Death is

Answer: Cubatao in Brazil

105970. Chemicals which get rid of pests are called as

Answer: Pesticides

105971. When something burns in air, it combines with oxygen and the process is called

Answer: Oxidation

105972. A space with nothing in it is called

Answer: Vacuum

105973. Death valley is located in which dessert

Answer: Nevada

105974. The French chemist who showed that air was the same all around the world was

Answer: Henri Regnault

105975. The ultimate source of nearly all our energy is the

Answer: Sun

105976. The main source of harmful radiations in our house can be due to

Answer: Televisions

105977. Ecologists divide divide lakes into how many zones

Answer: Three

105978. Earth's atmosphere has how many layers

Answer: Five

105979. Life originally emerged from

Answer: Water

105980. The most acute pollution problem faced by nuclear power industry is

Answer: Disposal of nuclear waste

105981. The amount of water vapour in the atmosphere is known as

Answer: Humidity
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