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101501. Radio valve was invented by

Answer: Sir J.A.Fleming

101502. The electro-cardiograph was invented by

Answer: William Einthoven

101503. What food does a bear love most?

Answer: Honey.

101504. What is the microscopic study of plant and animal tissue called?

Answer: Histology.

101505. Barometer was invented by

Answer: Torricelli

101506. What does a ruminant mean?

Answer: Ruminant is an animal that chews its cud and has a four-chambered stomach. When food is swallowed by a ruminant, it passes into the rumen or paunch, where it is stored, while the animal eats. Chewing and digestion are carried out at leisure. The food passes from the rumen to the reticulum, where it is formed into small masses and pushed up to the mouth to be chewed. When it is swallowed a second time it takes a different route. Gastric digestion takes place
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