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You Are On Question Answer Bank SET 1934

96701. Auriscope is used to detect

Answer: Ear disorders

96702. What was Chandrasekhar Subrahmanyan known for?

Answer: Indian-born American theoretical astrophysicist and Nobel laureate, Chandrasekhar Subrahmanyan contributed greatly to our understanding of the evolution of stars. Chandrasekhar was best known for his theoretical prediction, made at the age of 20, that large stars would collapse at the end of their lives into some unknown state even more dense than that of a white dwarf.

96703. Tn the human body what is the end product of protein digestion?

Answer: Amino acids.

96704. How did the watch get its name?

Answer: From the fact that you have to watch it to know the time.

96705. The study of grasses is known as

Answer: Agrostology

96706. What is meant by Photosynthesis?

Answer: Photosynthesis is the word used for making food from carbon dioxide in the air and water from the soil, in the presence of sunlight. It occurs in plants.

96707. An alimeter is used for measuring

Answer: Altitude

96708. What is meant by wireless telegraphy?

Answer: Wireless Telegraphy originally consisted of a sending key, which opened and closed the circuit and a sounder connected by wires to the key. Whenever the circuit was complete a click sound would be heard. Thus all the letters would be represented by the sounds being produced in the right sequence.

96709. From which plants do we get potatoes? How?

Answer: Potatoes grow on potato plants. The plant stems grow under the ground and are called tubers. These are the edible parts and are called potatoes. Spanish explorers brought the potato to Europe.

96710. What is meant by embalming a body?

Answer: When a body is treated in such a way that it is preserved from decay, it is called embalming.

96711. What does Aurora mean?

Answer: Bright patches of light are seen at high latitudes above 60° north or south. They are named Aurora Borealis (northern lights) or Aurora Australis (southern lights) depending on their position. The term "Aurora Polaris", polar lights, is a general name for both. The aurora consists of rapidly shifting patches and dancing columns of light of various hues.

96712. The unit of loudness is

Answer: Phon

96713. Who first introduced the concept of molecules?

Answer: Amedeo Avogadro in the year 1811.

96714. What is a satellite?

Answer: A body that revolves around another is called a satellite. The earth and the other planets are satellites of the sun. The moon is a satellite of the earth.

96715. What is the composition of perspiration?

Answer: Mostly water with a little salt.

96716. What does a Hydrometer measure?

Answer: Density of liquids.

96717. How are mosquito fish helpful to man?

Answer: They eat mosquitoes.

96718. Which planet is the closest to the Sun?

Answer: Mercury

96719. How many teeth do sheep have on their upper jaw?

Answer: None.

96720. The symbol of silicon is

Answer: Si

96721. What is a dehumidifier? Why is dehumidification important?

Answer: Heating, cooling, ventilation and dehumidifying are aspects of air-conditioning. It is believed that a cold climate with a low level of humidity is good for health. Even food is preserved better when the temperature and humidity are low.

96722. Who discovered the Planet Uranus?

Answer: Sir William Herschel.

96723. Why didn't the British plant rubber in England?

Answer: Rubber grows only in tropical countries.
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