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94951. Which is the most abundant metal in the earth's crust?

Answer: Aluminium.

94952. Which important mineral is to be found in spinach?

Answer: Iron.

94953. Why does the liquid in the egg become solid when heated or boiled?

Answer: Due to congealing - coagulation of the yolk.

94954. What is resonance?

Answer: When an object is set into vibration with a certain pitch (frequency) any other object nearby that can vibrate at the same pitch, will start vibrating. This is referred to as resonance.

94955. Why is selenium used in the making of photoelectric cells?

Answer: Photoelectric cells convert light into electricity. Selenium is used in making diese cells because its electrical conductivity increases when light strikes it and because it can convert light into electricity.

94956. What is glass made from?

Answer: Limestone, Silica and Soda ash.

94957. Name the animal that has the largest eyes in the world?

Answer: The Atlantic Giant Squid, about 30 cm wide.

94958. How did Roentgen discover X-rays?

Answer: While experimenting with a glass tube from which the air had been pumped, Roentgen happened to pass an electric current through the tube. Nearby was a screen coated with Barium Platinocyanide. Suddenly he noticed that the screen was glowing with a greenish blue light. After experimenting with this radiation, coming from the evacuated glass tube Roentgen found that this radiation could pass through substances of varying densities placed between the tube and t
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