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You Are On Question Answer Bank SET 1863

93151. The unit of wavelength of light is

Answer: Angstrom

93152. CAM stands for

Answer: Computer Aided Manufacturing

93153. Radar contact with the moon was first made in

Answer: 1945

93154. An instrument used to measure electrical voltage is the

Answer: Voltmeter

93155. RADAR works on the principle of

Answer: Echo

93156. The code used in a teleprinter is the

Answer: Baudot Code

93157. Silicon and germanium are ideal examples of

Answer: Semi conductors

93158. The device which makes or breaks a circuit is

Answer: Switch

93159. Device used for measuring small amounts of electric current is called

Answer: Galvanometer

93160. Thomas Edison was an

Answer: American inventor

93161. A modern means of communication in which the information is stored in a computer at a TV station is known as

Answer: Teletext

93162. LAN stands for

Answer: Local Area Network

93163. LISP stands for

Answer: List Processing Language

93164. Automatic drawing input device is called

Answer: Scanner

93165. MVS is used in

Answer: Mainframe computers

93166. A huge,worldwide network of computers that communicate with each other,allowing global communications between users is known popularly known as

Answer: Internet

93167. A group of four binary digits is called a

Answer: NIBBLE

93168. MVS stands for

Answer: Multiple Virtual Storage Operating System

93169. DTP stands for

Answer: Desk Top Publishing

93170. CP/M was developed by

Answer: digital Research Inc.,USA

93171. The device used to measure wavelengths of radio waves is

Answer: Wavemeter

93172. To turn pictures into electrical signals,television Cameras rely on

Answer: Photo-electric effect

93173. `C'language was invented by

Answer: Dennis M.Ritchie

93174. Data is fed into the computer by first converting it into

Answer: Binary codes

93175. Device which opposes the flow of electric current is known as

Answer: Resistor

93176. CPU stands for

Answer: Central Processing Unit

93177. IBM is a famous computer company.IBM stands for

Answer: International Business Machines Corporation
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