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You Are On Question Answer Bank SET 1862

93101. The book `Life Divine' was written by

Answer: Aurobindo

93102. Tansen,the famous musician was once defeated by another musician whose name was

Answer: Baiju Bawra

93103. The first novel written by R.K.Narayan was

Answer: Swami & his friends

93104. The Novel `Moon and Six Pence' was written by

Answer: W.S.Maugham

93105. Arabian Nights was translated into Sanskrit by

Answer: Jagadbandu Pandit

93106. Panchatanra was written by

Answer: Vishnu Sharma

93107. The town which is known as the home of violin making is

Answer: Cremona,Italy

93108. William Wordsworth was also known as

Answer: Nature's Poet

93109. The famous museum located in Hyderabad is

Answer: Salarjung

93110. Bismillah Khan is a famous

Answer: Musician

93111. The Classic `Around the World in 80 days' was written by

Answer: Jules Verne

93112. `A thing of beauty is joy forever' was said by

Answer: Keats

93113. Tamil Ramayanam was authoblack by

Answer: Kambar

93114. The dancer who,inspite of losing one leg,dances and acts in films is

Answer: Sudha Chandran

93115. The editor of the book `Indian Cartoons' is

Answer: Abu Abraham
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