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You Are On Question Answer Bank SET 1843

92151. How many Vedas are there

Answer: Four

92152. Swami Vivekananda, in his younger days,was known as

Answer: Narendranath

92153. The Holy Book of Islam is

Answer: The Holy Koran

92154. Trivendrum is also known as the

Answer: Holy city of Anatha

92155. Gaya is a pilgrimage place for

Answer: Hindus

92156. Jesus Christ was crucified in the year

Answer: 29 AD

92157. The king who was famous for always speaking the truth was

Answer: Raja Harishchandra

92158. Ayodhya is located in

Answer: Uttar Pradesh

92159. Lord Jagannath temple is located in

Answer: Puri

92160. River Ganga is sacred for

Answer: Hindus

92161. The Ramayana written by Tulasidas is called

Answer: Rama Charita Manasa

92162. Meenakshi temple is located at

Answer: Madurai

92163. The founder of Dharma Shastra was

Answer: Bodayana

92164. The Ramakrishna Mission was started by

Answer: Swami Vivekanand

92165. Gautama Buddha was born in

Answer: Lumbini

92166. Bodh Gaya is sacred place for

Answer: Buddhists

92167. The Holy Book of Christianity is

Answer: The Holy Bible

92168. Mahabharata is sometimes called as the

Answer: Fifth Veda

92169. Varanasi is a famous pilgrimage centre for

Answer: Hindus

92170. A processor's speed is measured in

Answer: Megahertz

92171. All the output which is printed on paper is called

Answer: Hard Copy

92172. A circuit which maintains a constant voltage is called

Answer: Voltage Stabilizer

92173. VTVM stands for

Answer: Vacuum Tube Volt Meter

92174. The first computer was invented by

Answer: Charles Babbage

92175. CAL stands for

Answer: Computer Assisted Learning

92176. SNOBOL was developed in

Answer: 1962

92177. PROM stands for

Answer: Programmable Read Only Memory

92178. A simple device which functions as a simpler alternative to the keyboard is the

Answer: Mouse

92179. J.J. Thomson was a

Answer: British physicist

92180. The path of an electric current is known as a

Answer: Circuit

92181. LED stands for

Answer: Light Emitting Diode

92182. A software that assists the computer in performing instructions,is called as

Answer: system software

92183. The process of starting a computer is called

Answer: Booting

92184. Lee de Forest was an

Answer: American scientist

92185. A system in which information is displayed on a television screen is known as

Answer: Video Text System

92186. The microchip invented first was also the first

Answer: Integrated circuit

92187. ENIAC stands for

Answer: Electronic Numerical Integrator and Calculator

92188. LOGO was developed by

Answer: Dr.seymour Papert

92189. An index of the files stored on a disk is called

Answer: Directory

92190. Sound too low to be heard by humans is called

Answer: Infrasound

92191. SCR stands for

Answer: Silicon Controlled Rectifier

92192. A printer which uses light to transfer the image to paper is the

Answer: Laser Printer

92193. In the present day electronic machines,computers function as

Answer: Artificial brains

92194. COMAL stands for

Answer: Common Algorithmic Language

92195. APT stands for

Answer: Automatically Programmed Tooling

92196. Hertz was the first to discover

Answer: Radio waves

92197. A device which converts sound waves into electrical waves is called

Answer: Microphone

92198. BPI stands for

Answer: Bit per Inch

92199. A measure of storage capacity equal to one thousand megabytes is one

Answer: Gigabyte

92200. The height of a wave is called

Answer: Amplitude
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