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You Are On Question Answer Bank SET 1840

92001. The whale believed to be a fish,is actually a

Answer: Mammal

92002. The largest land animal is the

Answer: African bush elephant

92003. The only animal which has four knees is the

Answer: Elephant

92004. The fish which is known as the king of fishes is the

Answer: Shark

92005. There are how many kinds of cat species in India

Answer: Fifteen

92006. A group of snakes are called a

Answer: Den

92007. A young kangaroo is called a

Answer: Joey

92008. The continent which is known as the land of Kangaroo is

Answer: Australia

92009. The young once of a tiger are called

Answer: Ligon

92010. The fastest moving insect in the world is the

Answer: Tropical cockroach

92011. The organ which is missing in the Camel is the

Answer: Gall bladder

92012. The largest division of the animal kingdom is the

Answer: Arthropoda

92013. The cat which is commonly used in the hunting game is the

Answer: Cheetah

92014. The arms of the octopus are called

Answer: Tentacles

92015. The fastest moving land snake in the world is the

Answer: Black Mamba

92016. A group of hares are called a

Answer: Husk

92017. The elephant's trunk is actually a modified

Answer: Incisor

92018. Egg laying mammals are called

Answer: Prototherians

92019. Albatross is a large

Answer: Sea bird

92020. A group of lions is called a

Answer: Pride

92021. Fishes evolved in which era

Answer: Silurian

92022. Snow leopards are found in

Answer: Himalayas

92023. It is widely believed that Ostrich buries its head in sand which is

Answer: Not true

92024. A group of fish are called a

Answer: Shoal

92025. The average pregnancy period of a female dog is

Answer: 63 days

92026. The world's smallest animal is the

Answer: Skunk like zorilla of Africa

92027. Butterflies come under the family

Answer: Lepidoptera

92028. The size of a newly born kangaroo is

Answer: 2.5 cms

92029. Penguins are found in the

Answer: South pole

92030. A group of eagles are called a

Answer: Convocation

92031. The diet of a gorilla is purely

Answer: Vegetarian
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