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You Are On Question Answer Bank SET 184

9201. In which film was the best supporting actor Oscar won in 1975

Answer: The Sunshine Boys George Burns

9202. Name bar John Wilkes Booth got pissed in before killing Lincoln

Answer: Star Saloon

9203. The French call it nature morte the Spanish bodegon what is it

Answer: Still Life painting

9204. What WW2 resistance movements name is Italian for thicket

Answer: Maquis

9205. If not Shakespeare what links Juliet Cleopatra Mark Antony

Answer: Commit Suicide

9206. In Hawaii what is the annual Kona festival

Answer: Coffee picking contest

9207. Who was the first golfer to officially earn over $1 million a year

Answer: Curtis Strange

9208. What is the English name for the constellation Mensa

Answer: Table

9209. Charles Jung invented what in America

Answer: Fortune Cookies

9210. In which country did the first Christmas stamp appear in 1898

Answer: Canada

9211. Who directed Serpico

Answer: Sidney Lumet

9212. Two out of 3 adults in the USA suffer from what

Answer: Piles

9213. What have men played with for longer than anything else

Answer: Dice

9214. What food dishes name translates as pepper water

Answer: Mulligatawny - from India

9215. The British call it Shrove Tuesday (pancake day) what in France

Answer: Mardi Gras

9216. The martial art tai quon do translates literally as what

Answer: Kick Art Way

9217. Rita Kuti Kis represented Hungary in what sport

Answer: Tennis

9218. Who wrote The Symphony of a Thousand

Answer: Mahler his eighth

9219. Who received the first ever Gold Disc

Answer: Glen Miller -Chatanooga cho cho

9220. A Stag with 12 point antlers is known as a what

Answer: Royal

9221. What was discovered in 1922 by Howard Carter

Answer: Tutankamen tomb

9222. Who gave the UN the land in NY to build their HQ

Answer: John D Rockerfeller

9223. What was the first Hanna-Barbera cartoon

Answer: Ruff and Reddy

9224. It is against the law to do what to the Mayor of Paris

Answer: Stare at Him

9225. Until 1965 what was illegal for Connecticut married couples

Answer: Contraception

9226. In Scotland what was the tawse

Answer: Teachers Strap or belt

9227. 1858 Queen Victoria sent the first transatlantic telegram to who

Answer: President James Buchanan

9228. Ajax was the trade mark of the worlds first what

Answer: Flush lavatory

9229. Which US state has a buffalo or bison on its flag

Answer: Wyoming

9230. Bistre, Sorrel and Vandyke are shades of which colour

Answer: Brown

9231. What is or was a Portuguese moidore

Answer: A Gold Coin

9232. Name the pet alligator in Miami Vice

Answer: Elvis
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