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87201. One of the more interesting causes for a battle fought in Indian history has been vividly described by Malik Muhammad Jayasi in his epic Padmavat. What, according to Malik Muhammad Jayasi was the cause of the battle?

Answer: That Allaudin Khalji invaded Chittor because he was infatuated by Padmini, the queen of Rana Ratan Singh of Mewar.

87202. Akbar died in the year

Answer: 1605 Ad

87203. Who coined the slogan "Jai Jawan, Jai Kisan"?

Answer: Lal Bahadur Shastri. The slogan became immensely popular and was soon on the lips of almost every Indian.

87204. Who became the Peshwa after the Battle of Panipat?

Answer: Madhav Rao. After the death of Balaji Baji Rao.

87205. During the reign of Ghiyasuddin Tughlaq, where was his son Muhammad Tughlaq posted?

Answer: Deogir.

87206. Whom did Harsha succeed?

Answer: His elder brother, Rajyavardhana.

87207. Babar defeated Ibrahim Lodhi in the year

Answer: 1526 AD

87208. Which city in ancient India was famous for its textile industry?

Answer: Mathura

87209. Who repaired the Grand Trunk road that ran from the river Indus to Sonargaon in Bengal?

Answer: SherShah.

87210. Who did Iltutmish nominate as his successor

Answer: His daughter Razia.

87211. Who was the Viceroy at the time of Indepenence?

Answer: Lord Louis Mountbatten.

87212. Who were the two famous warriors of Chittor who held the Mughal forces at bay for almost six months?

Answer: Jaimal and Patta. Akbar, to honour these two warriors ordered their stone statues, seated on elephants, be erected outside the gate of the Agra fort.

87213. Which was the language, apart from Persian, used for administrative purpose in the Bahmani kingdom?

Answer: Marathi

87214. Who is called the 'Mother of the Indian Revolution'?

Answer: Madam Bhikhaji Rustam K.R. Cama.

87215. Which was die Maratha family that established itself in Baroda?

Answer: The Gaekwads established themselves at Baroda, the Bhonsales at Nagpur, Holkars at Indore and the Sindhias at Gwalior.

87216. Which ruler helped Humayun recover Kandahar and Kabul?

Answer: The Ruler of Persia.

87217. Aurangzeb died in the year

Answer: 1707 AD

87218. Agra city was founded by

Answer: Sikandar Lodhi

87219. What was the title that Bairam Khan adopted?

Answer: He became the wakil of the kingdom with the title Khan-I-Khanan.

87220. How did Sher Shah die?

Answer: Sher Shah died due to an accidental explosion of gunpowder while attempting to capture the fort Kalinjar in 1545.

87221. Why were people gathered at the JallianwaJa Baug?

Answer: They had gathered there to protest against the arrest of their leaders Dr. Saifuddin Kitchlew and Dr. Satyapal.

87222. Who was the Chinese pilgrim who visited India during the time of Harsha?

Answer: Hiuen Tsang.

87223. Of which state was Martanda Varma the ruler?

Answer: Travancore.

87224. In 1498,the sea route to india was discovered by

Answer: Vasco-da-gama

87225. Who wrote Kadambari?

Answer: Banabhatta.

87226. What was the name of RanaPratap's horse?

Answer: Chetak.

87227. According to Buddhist sources, a dreaded dacoit had a transformation of heart and took refuge in Buddha's Dhamma. Who was he?

Answer: Angulimala.

87228. Who initiated the celebration of the Ganapati Festival and the Shivaji Jayanti as social activities to awaken the people?

Answer: Lokamanya Tilak.

87229. Who was the only Indian ruler who never alied himself with the British to fight against other Indian rulers?

Answer: Tipu Sultan.

87230. During whose Viceroyalty was the capital changed from Calcutta to Delhi?

Answer: Lord Hardinge (in 1912).

87231. Who wrote the Arthashastra?

Answer: Kautilya.
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