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You Are On Question Answer Bank SET 159

7951. RAM is sometimes referred to as ------

Answer: Primary Storage

7952. The physical layout of wires and devices that connect the network's nodes is called the network's ____.

Answer: Topology

7953. A bank teller or a travel agent most likely will use a(n) , which is a combination of keyboard and monitor with little, if any, local power.

Answer: terminal

7954. Every computer must have an --------------

Answer: Operating System

7955. _____ include mailing lists, news groups and chat groups

Answer: Discussion Groups

7956. The number of bits a CPU can process simultaneously is the CPU’s .

Answer: word size

7957. A(n) printer produces high quality text and graphics, but is relatively expensive.

Answer: laser

7958. In order for a computer to understand a program, it must be converted into machine language by a(n) -----

Answer: Language Translator

7959. What does the abbreviation "WWW" in Internet stand for ?

Answer: World Wide Web

7960. is a type of erasable memory chip that is low-energy, quiet, and portable.

Answer: Flash memory

7961. ______ is background" software that helps the computer manage it's own internal resources

Answer: System Software

7962. ____ are used to store data and programs

Answer: File

7963. ROM stands for

Answer: Graphical User Interface

7964. A(n) a _____ network, all devices are connected to a device called a hub and communicate through it

Answer: Star

7965. MFP stands for .

Answer: multifunction printer
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