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You Are On Question Answer Bank SET 156

7801. In 1996 what was the most common use for a computer 46%

Answer: Bookkeeping invoicing WP 45%

7802. Who named a city after his horse Bucephalus

Answer: Alexander the Great

7803. What does the word Desert (from Latin desertus) translate as

Answer: Abandoned

7804. In the pasa doble what is the female dancer supposed to be

Answer: A bullfighters cloak

7805. What did Sir Humphry Davy say was his best discovery

Answer: His student Michael Faraday

7806. What was the Soviet Vostok 3 space flight the first to do

Answer: Send back TV pictures

7807. If a dish is served Florentine what will it contain

Answer: Spinach

7808. Which country has the smallest birth rate

Answer: Vatican City

7809. Hemmingway's Old Man and the Sea is set in which country

Answer: racehorses name Cuba

7810. What sport still requires competitors to wear formal clothing

Answer: Snooker or Billiards

7811. Tsar Paul I decreed death by flogging to anyone mentioned what

Answer: His Baldness

7812. What golden yellow gem sounds like a fruit related to lemons

Answer: Citrine

7813. What is a brickfielder

Answer: Hot SE Aussie wind

7814. Atlanta burned in Gone With the Wind was what old film set

Answer: King Kong it needed clearing

7815. Saint Andrew is the Patron Saint of Scotland and where else

Answer: Russia

7816. Bourbon Miss restaurant by law what must be served with water

Answer: One Small onion per glass

7817. Whose horse was called Traveller

Answer: Robert E Lee

7818. A female fox is a vixen what is the male fox called

Answer: Dog

7819. Leslie Hornby became more famous as who

Answer: Twiggy

7820. Which Hollywood star has made the cover of Life most times

Answer: Elizabeth Taylor (11)

7821. Heinrich the lion founded what city

Answer: Munich

7822. US school buses are Chrome Yellow but they used to be what

Answer: Omaha Orange

7823. Alces Alces is the Latin name for what animal

Answer: Moose

7824. What do dieters say is the most difficult food to give up

Answer: Cheese

7825. What colour is the most popular eye shadow of all time

Answer: Max Factor's Powder Blue

7826. In Oxford university what can you not take into the library by rule

Answer: Sheep

7827. Which Saint is associated with an eagle in religious art

Answer: Saint John

7828. In which cop show did Petrie and Isbecki appear

Answer: Cagney and Lacey

7829. Who was nicknamed The Admiral of the Mosquitoes

Answer: Christopher Columbus

7830. In 1949 what was introduced to cars for the first time

Answer: The Ignition key

7831. What well known Russian author was also a doctor

Answer: Anton Chekov

7832. Review This show suspends all belief it will never work what ?

Answer: Original Star Trek

7833. What is the National Bird of India

Answer: Peacock

7834. In the Winnie the Pooh books what name is over Poohs door

Answer: Mr Sanders

7835. Where would you find an Orcadian

Answer: Orkney Islands

7836. What nationality was Cleopatra

Answer: Greek

7837. What Bond thing did Roger Moore not do in 7 films

Answer: Drink Martinis - and smoke

7838. What word come from the Latin phrase "to be ashamed of"

Answer: Pudenda

7839. Philip Glass wrote an opera about which famous person

Answer: Albert Einstein
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