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You Are On Question Answer Bank SET 148

7401. Hard disk drives, DVD drives, and floppy drives are all forms of storage.

Answer: secondary or permanent

7402. Minicomputers are also known as

Answer: Midrange computers

7403. If a user wishes to play music, the computer must include a(n) .

Answer: sound card

7404. A single silicon chip is also called a(n).

Answer: microprocessor

7405. The last part of the domain name following the dot(.) is called as -----

Answer: domain codes

7406. B2C, C2C and B2B are types of --------

Answer: E-commerce

7407. software is invaluable for people with disabilities who are unable to use their hands.

Answer: Speech recognition

7408. URL stands for?

Answer: Uniform Resource Locator

7409. When a user and a program react to one another within a modeling arena, it is known as a(n)

Answer: feedback loop

7410. ____ are programs that provide access to Web resources

Answer: Browsers

7411. The ---- tells the rest of the computer how to carry out a program's instructions.

Answer: Control Unit

7412. Following are the file compression programs, EXCEPT

Answer: RAID

7413. In the early 1990s, the Internet transformed into a multimedia environment known as the .

Answer: World Wide Web

7414. Primary storage is referred to as ---- storage.

Answer: Volatile

7415. Another name for the keyboard, mouse, monitor, and system unit is

Answer: Hardware

7416. ______are private networks within an organization

Answer: Intranet

7417. Which of the following is the primary memory ?

Answer: RAM

7418. ----- are the special programs written in Java.

Answer: Applets

7419. ____ are also known as Service Programs

Answer: Utilities

7420. The .com indicates website of _______ type of organization.

Answer: Commercial

7421. An inkjet printer used to print high-quality photographs is called a(n) ____________ .

Answer: photo printer

7422. When an instructor writes on a(n) ____________ , all information is stored as a digital image on the computer.

Answer: smart whiteboard

7423. The of a computer monitor refers to the total number of pixels displayed on the screen.

Answer: resolution

7424. Web spiders and crawlers are examples of

Answer: Search engines

7425. Microprocessor has two basic components

Answer: File Compression

7426. _____ convert the programming instructions written by programmers into a language that computers understand and process

Answer: Language Translators

7427. SIMM stands for .

Answer: single in-line memory module

7428. If a user wants to show a trend or relationship over time in a graphical way, he or she should create a(n)

Answer: line chart

7429. Data transfer speed is measured in .

Answer: megabits

7430. Discussion on the internet about specific topic is known as

Answer: News group

7431. e-mail includes all of the following basic elements EXCEPT

Answer: Footer

7432. A user needs to create a(n) when he or she wants to multiply the cost of a book by the quantity desired.

Answer: formula

7433. A(n) is a playing console which has internet connections

Answer: Xbox 360

7434. What is a URL?

Answer: The address of a resource on the World Wide Web

7435. A program that runs on a(n) operating system cannot run on Windows.

Answer: Linux

7436. The computer that stores and shares Web page resources is called a -----

Answer: Web Server

7437. In order to save a previously saved file to a different location or with a different name, use the menu option.

Answer: Save As

7438.  A CD-ROM stands for

Answer: Compact Disc Read Only Memory

7439. Which of the following is the unit of Computer memory?

Answer: Kilo Bytes

7440. The multiuser operating system historically used by academic and government institutions is

Answer: UNIX

7441. Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint are types of System Software Programs.

Answer: Internet Telephone

7442. Procedures are typically documented in manuals written by

Answer: Computer Specialists

7443. The first step when starting a word processing project is to text.

Answer: enter
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