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You Are On Question Answer Bank SET 126

6301. What ingredient must French ice cream contain by law

Answer: Eggs

6302. What term was coined July 17th 1942 issue of Yank magazine

Answer: G I Joe

6303. What does the girls name Donna mean

Answer: Lady - From Latin

6304. Jacque Cousteau's ship Calypso used to be what before he got it

Answer: Minesweeper

6305. In Shakespeare who is Romeos love - before Juliet

Answer: Rosaline

6306. The King Cobra is the only snake that does what

Answer: Builds a Nest

6307. What fashion designers symbol is a swan

Answer: Gloria Vanderbilt

6308. In what series of stories did Inspector Lestrade appear

Answer: Sherlock Holmes

6309. In the USA the government says its a crime to give false what

Answer: Weather Reports

6310. Who first said "Publish and be Damned"

Answer: Wellington re Harriot Wilson mistress

6311. Where would you find a coiffe or muselet

Answer: Bottle wire cork hold

6312. What is the only word in English that ends in mt

Answer: Dreamt

6313. How many spices are mixed in allspice

Answer: None it’s single spice

6314. What is the capitol of Ghana

Answer: Accra

6315. What would you do with a celesta

Answer: Play it - percussion instrument

6316. What does a gozzard have or own

Answer: Geese

6317. Which group were derided as The poor mans Rolling Stones

Answer: Aerosmith

6318. In the Vietnam war what was the signal US to evacuate Saigon

Answer: Bing Crosby White Xmas on Radio

6319. Led Deighton trilogy Game Set Match What 3 Capitals

Answer: Berlin MexicoLondon

6320. What are truffles - highly prized as food

Answer: Fungi

6321. Who was the first UK solo artist to have a US number 1 hit

Answer: Acker Bilk Stranger on the Shore

6322. What flavours cavatappi al nero pasta

Answer: Squid Ink

6323. Pat Sullivan created which cartoon character

Answer: Felix the cat

6324. What's the US equivalent to the Department of Health in the UK

Answer: Surgeon General

6325. The Spinet is another name for what old musical instrument

Answer: The Virginal

6326. Which part of the human body contains the most gold

Answer: Toenails

6327. Old Lyme Connecticut has a museum dedicated to what

Answer: Nuts

6328. The guillotine was invented for chopping off what

Answer: Hands

6329. AG Bell opened school in Boston in 1872 for Teachers of what

Answer: The Deaf

6330. Before 1883 who were called kranks

Answer: Baseball fans - fan invented then

6331. Who is the most filmed author

Answer: Shakespeare over 300

6332. What's the difference between sleeping gorillas and men

Answer: Gorillas don’t snore

6333. What is a leprechaun's usual job

Answer: Cobbler or shoemaker

6334. From the Earth to the sun is one AU what does AU stand for

Answer: Astronomical Unit

6335. Who was offered the presidency of Israel in 1952 (turned down)

Answer: Albert Einstein

6336. The worlds first was 69.5 feet long and took a year to make ?

Answer: Oil Well

6337. What song was The Pittsburgh Pirates anthem

Answer: We are Family -Sister Sledge
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