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You Are On Question Answer Bank SET 1066

53301. Robin Goodfellow alternative name which Shakespeare character

Answer: Puck

53302. A Renifleur gets aroused from doing what

Answer: Sniffing underwear

53303. Leader of the Iroquois Indians same name as what car

Answer: Chief Pontiac

53304. After the US civil war what was known as the soldiers disease

Answer: Morphine addiction

53305. Kitty the most common cats name in US what's the second

Answer: Smokey

53306. Saint Homobonus is the Patron Saint of who

Answer: Business People

53307. Who was born Mark Feld

Answer: Marc Bolan

53308. Who would wear a diadem

Answer: Kings headband

53309. Name the person who caused Chicago kids to get school milk

Answer: Al Capone

53310. Wine brandy sherry almonds raisins orange glogg what country

Answer: Sweden a Christmas punch drink

53311. What activity burns up 140 calories per hour

Answer: Standing
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