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You Are On Question Answer Bank SET 105

5251. Lucius Tarquinius Superbus was the last king of where

Answer: Rome

5252. If you has caries who would you consult

Answer: Dentist - its tooth decay

5253. What did the ancient Romans throw at weddings

Answer: Wheat

5254. Corzetti is what shaped pasta

Answer: Coin shaped

5255. The name of which countries capital means good air

Answer: Argentina - Buenos Aires

5256. Liam Devlin often appears in novels by which author

Answer: Jack Higgins

5257. Ford Prefect came from a star in which constellation

Answer: Orion (Betelgeuse)

5258. On the TV show Frazier what was the dads dogs name

Answer: Eddie

5259. Name two sports where the winner moves backwards

Answer: Rowing - Tug of War

5260. What kills 100000 Americans each year

Answer: Reactions to meds

5261. What sexual practice does a mazophallate enjoy

Answer: Tit Wank

5262. On a prescription what does QOD stand for

Answer: Take every other day

5263. US tennis open held at Flushing Meadows used to be where

Answer: Forest Hills

5264. Les Reed wrote which famous song for a Welsh singer

Answer: Its not Unusual - Tom Jones

5265. Who directed the Halloween series of films

Answer: John Carpenter

5266. What did Ed Peterson invent

Answer: Egg McMuffin

5267. During menstruation the sensitivity of woman's what is reduced

Answer: Middle Finger

5268. You ordered unagi in a Japanese restaurant what would you get

Answer: Eel

5269. Stamps are the most collected thing in the USA what is second

Answer: Dolls

5270. What is the second largest city in Ireland

Answer: Cork

5271. Who said in 1951 - "I married beneath me - All women do"

Answer: Lady Nancy Astor

5272. Which Shakespeare play was originally entitled What You Will

Answer: Twelfth Night

5273. Who was nicknamed Impeesa (no sleep wolf) by Matabele tribe

Answer: Baden Powell

5274. Gin - lemon Juice - Sugar - Soda make what cocktail

Answer: Tom Collins

5275. In the 13 th century European children were baptised with what

Answer: Beer

5276. What is Belleek

Answer: Type of Pottery

5277. Where would you see rope, hoop, ball and ribbon used

Answer: Modern rhythmic gymnastics

5278. What explorer wrote the history of the word in prison in 1600s

Answer: Sir Walter Raleigh

5279. Why did Disney recall his first celluloid Donald Duck toys

Answer: They exploded into flames

5280. Two weeks after hatching what is 3000 times its birth weight

Answer: Monarch Butterfly

5281. In Nicholas Nickleby name the headmaster of Dotheboys Hall

Answer: Wackford Squeers

5282. In golf what name is given to the No 3 wood

Answer: Spoon

5283. Sex shop survey what's most popular flavour eatable knickers

Answer: Cherry

5284. In Burma illegal possession of what item can mean prison

Answer: A Modem

5285. Who owned a cat called Apollinaris

Answer: Mark Twain

5286. Which country has the worlds first greyhound racing track

Answer: USA

5287. The PH scale measures acid or alkali what's PH stand for

Answer: Potential of Hydrogen

5288. What hotel hosted the first Oscar ceremony

Answer: Roosevelt Hotel

5289. The worlds first opened in Los Angles April 2nd 1902 - what

Answer: Motion picture theatre
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