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You Are On Question Answer Bank SET 1042

52101. In which city is the worlds longest skating rink - rideau canal

Answer: Ottawa Canada

52102. What unusual item can you buy - vending machine Paris Metro

Answer: Levi 501s in 10 sizes

52103. Atahualpa was the last ruler of who

Answer: Incas

52104. which film had song Springtime for Hitler

Answer: The Producers

52105. Name the river that flows through Baghdad

Answer: Tigris

52106. Robert Redford, Steve McQueen Paul Newman reject $4m role

Answer: Superman - C Reeve paid 200K

52107. The Black Death came to England from what port

Answer: Calais

52108. What whisky brand was advertised with two terrier dogs

Answer: Black & White

52109. What TV character lived in Waratah National Park

Answer: Skippy

52110. Parascopisim is what sexual behaviour

Answer: Voyeurism through bedroom windows

52111. Beethoven's third symphony is nicknamed what

Answer: The Eroica
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