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You Are On Question Answer Bank SET 1014

50701. In what sport are Triffus, Miller and Rudolf moves

Answer: Trampolining

50702. What is the most common breeding bird in the US

Answer: Red Winged Blackbird

50703. Which country has the most cellular phones per capita

Answer: Sweden

50704. Fluctat nec Mergitor - Wave tossed but not sunk - Cities Motto

Answer: Paris

50705. In England placing what upside down is considered treason

Answer: A Postage stamp Monarchs head

50706. Who are the largest candy consumers per capita

Answer: Danes then Irish

50707. What is the top holiday in the US for candy / sweet sales

Answer: Halloween

50708. What is the most common Spanish surname

Answer: Garcia

50709. Janine Deckers suicided 1985 had top 10 hit 1962 as who

Answer: The Singing Nun Sister Luc Gabrielle
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