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You Are On Question Answer Bank SET 1004

50201. Name Alfred Hitchcock's first sound film as director

Answer: Blackmail

50202. Where in the body is the labrynth

Answer: Ear

50203. Ecuador was named after who / what

Answer: The Equator

50204. One third of Taiwanese funeral processions include what

Answer: A stripper

50205. What animals evidence is admissible in US courts

Answer: A Bloodhound

50206. In 1939 in the US what was the first patented plant

Answer: New Dawn Rose

50207. Who rode a horse called Phantom

Answer: Zorro

50208. Geneva stands on what river

Answer: Rhone

50209. The Welcome Stranger 173 lb was largest what ever found 1869

Answer: Gold Nugget

50210. In which form of Japanese theatre are all roles played by men

Answer: Kabuki
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