*First film makers in the history
Ans : Lumiere Brothers (Auguste Lumiere,Louis Lumiere)
*Father of Modern Cinema
Ans : David Griffith
*Father of Cartoon Cinema 
Ans : Walt Disney
*The Mecca of World Cinema
Ans : Hollywood
*The Capital of World Cinema
Ans : California (America)
*35mm film was invented in 1889 by
Ans : Edison
*The film showed inmost number of countries
Ans : Titanic(Director : James Cameroon)
*The first talkie film in the world
Ans : Jazz Singer (1927)
*The first colour film in the world 
Ans : Becky Sharp (1935)
*The first cinemascope film in the world
Ans : The Robe (1953)
*The first science film in the world
Ans : A Trip to Moon (Director: Georges Mellis) 
*The first Neo Realistic film 
Ans :  Bicycle Thieves 
*Director of the film ‘Bicycle Thieves’
Ans : Vittorio De Sica
*The Creator of 'Harry Porter'Series
Ans : J.K.Rowling
*The actor played as the main Character in Harry potter film
Ans : Daniel Radcliff
*The last series of Harry Porter
Ans : Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - part 2
*The author of ‘The Art of Moving Pictures’ 
Ans : Vachel Lindsay (America)
*The award ceremony in recognition of the worst in film 
Ans : Golden Raspberry award (Razzies)


*The largest film festival in the world - Cannes Film Festival (France)
*The Cannes film festival started in the year 
Ans : 1946
*Highest prize awarded at the Cannes film festival to the director of best feature film - 
Ans : Golden Palm
*The golden palm award for best film was introduced in the year 
Ans : 1955
*Golden Palm Award was first won by the film- ‘Marty’ (Director - Delbert Mann)
*The only Indian film that got best film award at Cannes film festival
Ans : Neecha Nagar (1946)
*The first Indian actress to be on the jury of Cannes film festival
Ans : Aiswarya Rai
*The first Malayalam film selected for Cannes , film festival (1994) 
Ans : Swaham (Director - Shaji .N.Karun)


*Oscar awards are given by Academy of Motion Pictures, Arts and Science of America (AMPAS)
*Oscar award was first presented in the year
Ans : 1929
*The Oscar Award statue is designed by Sedric Gibbons.
*The first film to get Oscar Award
Ans : ‘Wings’
*The first actor to get Oscar Award 
Ans : Emil Janings
*The first actress to get Oscar Award
Ans :  Janet Gaynor
*The first director to get Oscar Award 
Ans : Frank Borzage (Dramatic), Lewis Milestone (Comedy)
*The film won the most awards in Oscar 
Ans : Ben-Hur, Titanic, The Lord of the Rings: The return of the king (11)
*First woman to win the best director -
Ans : Kathryn Bigelow (The Hurt Locker)
*Most awards won by an individual 
Ans : Walt Disney (26 oscars)
*Most awards won for Best actress 
Ans : Katharine Hepburn (4)
*Most nominations received by a single film
Ans : All About Eve (1950), Titanic (1997),La La Land (2016) 
*Famous actor who won the Honorary Oscar award recently 
Ans : Jackie Chan


*The first Indian to get Oscar award-Bhanu Athaiya (1983, Costume- design, film : Gandhi)
*Indian to win Honorary Oscar award 
Ans : Satyajit Ray (1992)
*The first Indian musician to get Oscar award 
Ans : A.R. Rahman 
*Gulzar won the Oscar award for best original song (shared with A.R. Rahman)
*The first Malayali to get Oscar award 
Ans : Rasool Pookutty 
*First Indian to get 2 Oscar award 
Ans : A.R. Rahman 
*The first Indian film nominated for Oscar award 
Ans : Mother India 
*The first Malayalam film nominated for Oscar award 
Ans : ‘Guru’ (Director - Rajiv Anchal)
*Indies official entry for the best foreign language film for the 87th Oscar awards
Ans : Liar’s Dice (Directed by Geetu Mohandas)
*Indian film nominated for 89th Oscar award (2017) 
Ans : Visaranai (Tamil) (Director - Vetrimaaran)
*The bollywood replica of Golden Raspberry Award 
Ans : Golden Kela Award
*The film in which most number of actorswere played 
Ans : Gandhi
*The director of the film ‘Gandhi’
Ans : Richard Attenborough 
*The role of Mahatma Gandhi in ‘Gandhi’ film was played by the actor 
Ans : Ben Kingsley
*Real name of Ben Kingsley
Ans : Krishna Bhanji
*The role of Kashthurba Gandhi in ‘Gandhi’ film was played by the actress
Ans : Rohini Hattangadi
*The role of Jawaharlal Nehru in film Gandhi was played by 
Ans : Roshan Seth
*The role of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel in the film Gandhi was played by 
Ans : Saeed Jaffrey 
*Only Indian actress who won BAFTA Award for best supporting actress
Ans : Rohini Hattangadi (Gandhi, 1982) 
*The music director of the film ‘Gandhi’ . 
Ans : Pandit Ravi Shankar
*The role of Gandhi in the film ‘Making of Mahatma’ was acted by
Ans : Rajit Kapoor

Charlie Chaplin

*Charlie Chaplin was 2 an English Comic actor ,film director and composer. 
*‘The Tramp’ was the first film of Charlie Chaplin. 
* The Kid, The Gold Rush, City Lights,  Monsieur Verdoux, Lime Light, The rink, Modem Times etc. are the  famous films of Charlie Chaplin.
* ‘The Great Dictator’ is a film in  which Charlie Chaplin plays the role  of Hitler.
*The film in which Charlie Chaplin eats a boot
Ans : The Gold Rush 


*First film in India was screened at
Ans : Watson Hotel (1896, Mumbai)
*First film in India was screened by
Ans : Lumiere Brothers
*Father of indian Cinema 
Ans  Dadasaheb Phalke
*The first winner of Dadasaheb Phalke awai 
Ans : Devika Rani Roerich 
*The first malayalee to win Phalke award
Ans : Adoor Gopalakrishnan
*The first Indian film
Ans : Pundalik (1912)
*Pundalik film was produced by
Ans : Dadasaheb Torne
*Dadasaheb Phalke award 2015 winner
Ans : Manoj Kumar
*Dadasaheb Phalke Award 2014 winner
Ans : Shasi Kapoor
*Dadasaheb Phalke Cash Prize
Ans : 10 lakhs
*The first indigenous film produced entirely in India 
Ans : Raja Harishchandra
*The director of the film ‘Raja Harishchandra'
Ans : Dadasaheb Phalke
*The first Talkie film in India
Ans : Alam Ara (1931)
*The director of the film ‘Alam Ara'
Ans : Ardesir Irani
*The first 70 mm. film in India
Ans : Around The World (1967)
*The first indigeneously made 70 mm film in India 
Ans : Sholay
*The first indigeneously made Six Track Stereophonic sound Film in India 
Ans : Sholay
*The venue of International Film Festival of India 
Ans : Panaji (Goa)
*The highest prize awarded at the International film festival for the best film 
Ans : Suvarnamayooram (Golden Peacock)  
*The Indian Novel which has been made into film in many Indian Languages 
Ans : Devdas 
*Centenary award, introduced as part of 100 years celebration was given to Waheeda Rahman in 2013.
*National Film Award for Best Feature Film 
Ans : Swarna Kamal
*The first film that won ‘Swarna Kamal’ Award 
Ans :  Syamchi Ayi (1954)
*National Film Award for Best Actor was previously known as 
Ans : Bharath Award 
*The first winner of Bharath Award 
Ans : Uttam Kumar
*The first Indian to win Chevaliar Award instituted by French Government 
Ans : Sivaji Ganesan
*The regional language film that got maximum National Awards in India
Ans : Bengali (22 awards)
*The person who won the maximum number of national film awards in India - 
Ans : Satayjit Ray (32 wins in various categories)
*Indian film division was established in the year 
Ans  : 1948
*The headquarters of Indian film division 
Ans : Mumbai
*The headquarters of National Film Archives 
Ans : Pune
*Woman who directed most number of films 
Ans : Vijayanirmala (44)
*Childrens Film Societywas founded in the year 
Ans : 1955
*The Indian film nominated for the International council for Film, Television and Audio - Visual Communication UNESCO Gandhi Medal -
Ans : Allama (Kannada Film, Director  T.S.)
*Amitabh Bachchan’s film which dealt with crime against women invited for a special screening at the United Nations Head Quarters 
Ans : PINK (Director- Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury) 
*The headquarters of Childrens Film Society 
Ans : Mumbai
*The National Film Development Corporation was established in the year 
Ans : 1975 
*The institution that certifies Indian films for exhibiting publically 
Ans : Central Board of Film Certification (Otherwise known as Censor Board) 
*The headquarters of Film and Television Institute of India 
Ana : Pune 
*The actress who won National Award for the best actress maximum no of times 
Ans : Shabana Azmi ( 5 times)
*First film actor nominated to Rajya Sabha 
Ans : Prithvi Raj Kapoor 
*The largest film city in Asia 
Ans : Ramoji Film City
*Ramoji film City is situated at 
Ans : Hyderabad 
*The first Indian lady who won National award for best direction 
Ans : Aparna Sen 
*The National award for the best film was introduced in the year
Ans : 1954 
*The National award for best actor and actress introduced in the year 
Ans : 1968 
*Who was known as ‘Mozart of Madras’ 
Ans : A.R. Rahman
*National award for best debut film of a director
Ans : Indira Gandhi Award 
*The first Indian actor to be honoured with a postage stamp by the US Post Service Akkineni Nageswara Rao The first Cinema advertisement in India appeared in
Ans : Times of India (1896)
*The controversial movie which mentioned about the murders of Indira Gandhi 
Ans : Kaum de heere (Director - Ravinder Ravi) The film based on Mumbai Terror Attack 
Ans : Tajmahal (Director - Nicolas Saada)

Film Industries

*American film  - Hollywood
*Hindi film - Bollywood
*Tamil film - Kollywood
*Malayalam film - Mollywood
*Telugu film - Tollywood
*Odiyan film - Ollywood
*Kannada film - Sandalwood
*Gujarat film - Dholiwood
*Afghan film  Kabulwood
*Bangladesh film - Dhaliwood
*Punjabi film - 'Punjwood
*Pakistani film (Lahore) - Lollywood
*Pakistani film (Karachi) - Kariwood

Satyajit Ray

*First film of Satyajit Ray Pather Panchali (1955)
*The films of Satyajit Ray known as Aputrilogy 
Ans : Pather Panchali, Aparajita, Apur Sansar 
*First film in India to get the British Film Institute Award 
Ans : Apur Sansar 
*Only Indian to get an Honarary Oscar award
Ans : Satyajit Ray
*The Indian film director to get an honorary doctorate from the University of Oxford 
Ans : Satyajit Ray
*The author of ‘Our Films, Their Films’ 
Ans : Satyajit Ray
*Person to recevie the Bharat Ratna and Dada Saheb Awards
Ans : Satyajit Ray & Lata Mangeshkar

Famous Films and Directors

*Making of Mahatma - Shyam Benagal 
*The Discovery of India - Shyam Benagal
*Sholay - Ramesh Slppi 
*Devadas - Sanjay Leela Bensali
*Lagan - Asuthosh Gaurikar
*Fire, Earth, Water  - Deepa Mehta
*Picnic (Tele film)  - Aparna Sen 
*Mr & Mrs, Ayyar - Aparna Sen
*Salam Bombay, So far from India,Mississipi Masala, Vanity Fair The Monsoon Wedding   - Mira Nair 
*The first colour film made entirely in India
Ans : Kisan Kanya
*The first Cinemascope film in India
Ans : Kagaz Ke Phool (1959)
*The first silent film in South India 
Ans : Keechaka Vadham
*The first Sanskrit film in India 
Ans : Adi Sankara 
*The first 3-D film in India
Ans : My Dear Kuttichathan (1984) (Director - Jijo Thomas)
*The first Cinema Hall in India
Ans : Kapali (Bengaluru)
*The first English film in India 
Ans : Court Dancer
*The first Songless film in India
Ans : Naujawan
*The Indian film with most number of songs 
Ans : Indra Sabha (over 70 songs) (1932)
*India’s first big box office hit 
Ans : Lanka Dahan
*The first Indian film to have actresses 
Ans : Mohini Bhasmsur(1913)
*The first Indian movie with background music 
Ans : Chandidas (Bengali)
*The longest running film in the history of Indian Cinema
Ans : ‘Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge’
*The first International Film Festival conducted 1 in India in the year 
Ans : 1952 (Mumbai)

Nargis Dutt

*The award given to the best film for encouraging national integrity 
Ans : Nargis Dutt Award 
*The first National award winner for best actress
Ans : Nargis Dutt (film-Rath or Din - 1968)
*The first Indian actress who won Padmasree Award 
Ans : Nargis Dutt
*Real name of Nargis Dutt 
Ans : Fathima Rasheed
*The first film actress who appeared on Indian Postal Stamps
Ans : Nargis Dutt 
*First film actress to be nominated to Rajya Sabha
Ans : Nargis Dutt


*Actors who become the Chief Ministers
Ans : M.G.Ramachandran,N.T.RamaRao
*The First film star to become the Chief Minister of an Indian State
Ans : M.G.Ramachandran (Tamil Nadu)
*Actresses who become the Chief Ministers
Ans : Janaki Ramachandra Jayalalithaa

Orginal Name

*Makkal Thilakam - M.G. Ramachandran
*Nadikar Thilakam - Sivaji Ganeshan
*Kathal Mannam - Jemini Ganeshan
*Style Mannan -  Rajanikant
*Ulaka Nayakan - Kamalahassan
*Puratchi Talaivi - Jayalalitha
*Idayakani - Jayalalitha


*Father of Malayalam Cinema
Ans : J.C.Daniel
*The first Malayalam film
Ans : Vigatha Kumaran (1928)
*The director of the film ‘Vigatha Kumaran’
Ans : J.C. Daniel
*The Malayalam film based on the life of J.C. Daniel
Ans : Celluloid (Director-Kamal)
*In the film Celluloid, the role of J.C. Daniel was played by the actor
Ans : Prithviraj
*The Second Malayalam Film 
Ans : Marthandavarma
*The film based on the Novel written by C.V. Ramanpillai 
Ans : Marthandavarma 
*First historic novel published in Malayalam Language 
Ans : Marthandavarma 
*The director of the film ‘Balan'
Ans : S. Nettoni (1938)
*First actress in Malayalam Cinema 
Ans : P.K. Rosy (Vigatha Kumaran)
*The Second talkie film in Malayalam 
Ans : Gnanambika
*The french novel related to the film ‘Padayottam’
Ans :  The Count of Monte Cristo
*The author of ‘The Count of Monte Cristo’ 
Ans : Alexandre Dumas 
*The director of the film ‘Chemmeeri’ 
Ans : Ramu Kariat
*The story of ‘Chemmeen’ was written by 
Ans : Thakazhi Shivasankarapillai
*First Malayalee to win National award for best screen play
Ans : S.L. Puram Sadanandan (Agniputri) 
*The script writer of the film ‘Chemmeen’
Ans : 'S.L.'Puram Sadanandan 
*The second Malayalam film that got National award for best category
 Ans : Swavamvaram (1972)
*The first Malayalam actor to win the National Award
Ans :  P.J.Antony
*First actress to win the National Award in Malayalam 
Ans : Sarada 
*First Malayalam actress to win the National Film Award 
Ans : Monisha
*The youngest access to get the National Film Award 
Ans : Monisha
*The first Malayalam film to win president’s Silver Medal 
Ans : Neelakuyil (1954)
*The first Malayalam film to win President’s Gold Medal 
Ans : Chemmeen (1965)
*The first Malayalee who won National Award for Best Director
Ans : Adoor Gopalakrishnan (film-Swayamvaram)
*The author of the book ‘Cinemayude Lokam’ 
Ans : Adoor Gopalakrishnan
*The Malayalam film which won the British Film Institute Award 
Ans : Elippathayam
*The director of the film ‘Elippathayam’ 
Ans : Adoor Gopalakrishnan
*The malayalam film director who received national award for best direction maximum number of times (after satyajit Ray)Adoor Gopalakrishnan (5 times)
*The Malayalam film which won the most number of awards
Ans : Piravi (Director-Shaji.N. Karun)
*The actor who won the National award for the film ‘Piravi’ 
Ans : Premji
*The Malayalam film in which there is no female cast
Ans : Mathilukal 
*The film ‘Mathilukal’ was based on the novel written by 
Ans : Vaikom Muhammed Basheer 
*First Malayalam film which won Nargis Dutt Award for National Integration 
Ans : Janmabhoomi
*First Malayalam woman playback singer who won national award 
Ans : S. Janaki 
*The play back singer who rejected Padmabhushan in 2013
Ans : S. Janaki 
*The Malayalam film nominated as India’s official entry for Oscar in 2011 
Ans : Adaminte Makan Abu
*The malayalam' film based on Shakesphear’s ‘Othello’ 
Ans : Kaliyattom
*The Malayalam film based on ‘Kayyur rebellion’
Ans :  Meenamasathile Sooryan (Director- Lenin Rajendran)
*The Malayalam film based on Malabar rebellion
Ans : 1921
*Malayalam Language films got 11 National Film Awards for best feature film.
*The first Malayalam actor to get Padmasree Award 
Ans : Thikkurussi Sukumaran Nair
*Balan.K. Nair won National Award for the film
Ans : Oppol
*Gopi won National award for the film 
Ans :  Kodiyettam
*Murali won National Award for the film 
Ans : Neythukaran (Director-Priya Nandanan) 
*The book ‘Holy actor’ is based on the life of which actor 
Ans : Murali
*The famous films directed by John Abhraham Agraharathil Xazhuthai, Vidyarthikale ithile ithile, Amma Ariyan etc
List of National Award recipients from Malayalam
*The National Award for Best Actor/Actress is officially known as Rajat Kamal Award for the Best Actor/Actress.
* The film based on Perumbadavam Sreedharan’s 'Oru Sankeerthanam Pole’   In Return : Just A Book (Director - Shiny Jacob Benjamin)


*First film Studio in Malayalam 
Ans : Udaya Studio
*The second film studio in Kerala 
Ans : Merryland
*The film studio established in 1980 under Kerala Government
Ans : Chitranjali Studio 
*2nd largest indoor studio in Asia 
Ans : Chitranjali (Kerala)
*Chitranjali Studio is situated at 
Ans : Thiruvallam (Thiruvananthapuram)


*First film  - Vigathakumaran
*Talkie film - Balan
*Colour film - Kandambecha kottu
*Purana film - Prahlada 
*Realistic film - Newspaper boy
*Cinemascope film -  Thacholi Ambu
*70 mm film -  Padayottam
*3-D film -  My dear Kuttichathan
*D.T.S. film -   Millennium Stars
*Dolbi Stereo film -  Kalapani
*Box office hit -   Jeevitha Nauka 
*Digital film - Munamathoral 
*Sponsored film - Makalkai 
*Outdoor film - Olavum Theeravum

Malayalee Director

*The Malayalee honoured withCommander of the Order of Arts and Letters’ of French Government 
Ans : Adoor Gopalakrishnan 
* The Malayalam director honoured by the “knight of Art and Letters” by French Government 
Ans : Shaji. N. Karun

First Kerala State Film Awards

*Best Picture - Kumara Sambhavam
*Actor - Satyan
*Actress - Sheela
*Director - Vincent
*Story writer - Thoppil Bhasi
*Music - Devarajan
*Music writer  - Vayalar Ramavarma
*Singers -Yesudas, P, Leela 


Year            Recipients               Films
1973            P.J. Antony             Nirmalyam
1977            Gopi                         Kodiyettam  
1980            Balan K. Nair          Oppol
1988          Premji                       Previ
1989            Mammootty            Mathilukal.Oru Vadakkan Veeragaths
1991            Mohanlal                 Bharatham
1993             Mammootty        Ponthan Mada,Vidheyan
1997            Balachandra Menon    Samantharangal 
1997   Suresh Gopi       - Kaliyattam      
1998 - Mammooty - Dr,BabaSaheb Ambedka
*1999  - Mohanlal - Vanaprastham
*2001 - Mueali - Neythukaran
*2010- Salim Kumar - Adminite Makan Abu
*2013 - Suraj Venjaramood - Perariyathavar


1968 Sarada  - Thulabharam
1972 Sarada - Swayamvara,
1986 Monisha Unni - Nakhashathangal
1993 Sobhana - MAnichitra Thazhu
2003 Meera Jasmin - Padam Onnu Oru Vilapam
2016 - Surabhi C.M. - Minnaninugu - The Firefly

* Santhosh Sivan is the first cinematographer in the Asia Pacific region to be honoured with American Society of cinematographers membership
*Mohanlal won National Awards for the films 
Ans : Bharatham, Vanaprastham
*Suvama Chakoram for the best film in 20th IFFK 
Ans : Ottaal (Directed by Jayaraj)
*Kerala State film Awards introduced in the year 
Ans : 1969
*The institution established by Kerala Government for the development of Malayalam film 
Ans : Kerala State Film Development Corporation (KSFDC)
*The KSFDC was founded in the year
Ans : 1975 
*International film festival of Kerala is organized by 
Ans : Kerala State Chalachitra Academy 
*The Kerala State Chalachitra Academy was established in the year
Ans : 1998
*The Malayalam film which won ‘Golden Camera’ special mention in Cannes Film Festival 
Ans : Piravi (1989 )
*The Malayalam film which won the Golden Camera Award in Cannes Film Festival -Marana Simhasanam (1999, Director -Murali Nair)
*The first Malayalam actor who became MP in Loksabha 
Ans :  Innocent
*The playback singer known as ‘Gana gandharvan’ 
Ans : KJ. Yesudas 
*The playback singer known as ‘Nightingale of Malayalam’ 
Ans : K.S. Chithra

21st IFFK

*Rajatha Chakoram tor me Best Debut Director 
Ans : Vidhu Vincent (Manhole)
*First Malayalee woman to get recognition in IFFK 
Ans : Vidhu Vincent

Most Films

*The Malayalam actress acted in most number of films 
Ans : Sukumari 
*The Malayalam actor acted in mos number of films 
Ans : Jagathy Sreekumar

Prem Nazir's Record

*The Malayalam actor enrolled in the Guinnes Book of World Records for playing the lead role  in most number of films
Ans : Prem Nazir  
*Who. hold the , world record for acting in the largest number of films together as hero and heroine
Ans : Prem Nazir and Sheela (107 films)
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