Telecommunication 1


*The first country to introduce postal system
Ans : Egypt
*The first country to introduce modern postal system 
Ans : England Which is known as the first ambassador of a state 
Ans :  Postal Stamp 
*The country which has the largest Postal System in the World
Ans : India 
*The first Indian ruler who started postal system 
Ans : Alauddin Khilji 
*In India Postal service was introduced in 
Ans : 1766
*The governor general when Postal System introduced in modem India 
Ans : Robert Clive 
*The Governor General at the time of introduction of Modem Postal System in India
Ans : Dalhousie
*Modem postal system in India was started in 1854.
*First act regulated the. post office on a uniform basis 
Ans : Act of 1837
*World Postal Day is on 
Ans : 9th October 
*Indian Postal day is on 
Ans : 10th October
*The first Keralite to appear in Indian postal stamp 
Ans : Sree Naryana Guru
* The first Malayaiee woman to appear in Indian postal stamp 
Ans : Alphonsanima
*The first travancore king appeared on Postal stamp 
Ans : Swathi Thirunal
*First malayaiee to appear twice on Indian postal stamp
Ans : V.K. Krishna Merton
*The former Chief Minister of Kerala, who appeared on Indian Postal stamp in 2013 
Ans : C. Achutha Menon 
*The Malayalam Film Actor, who appeared cm Indian Postal Stamp in 2013 
Ans : Prem Nazir
*Honouring Mother Teresa, Indian Government issued her postal stamp on -
Ans : 4th September 2016
*The Indian Festival which was commemorated by US postal service with a forever stamp 
Ans : Diwali
*The first person to appear in postage stamps of independent India
Ans : Mahatma Gandhi (15th August 1948)
*The first foreigner appeared in British Postal stamp
Ans : Mahatma Gandhi
*The first foreign country which published stamp of Gandhiji 
Ans : USA
*The languages used in Indian Postal Stamp
Ans : English, Hindi
* First Prime minister of India to appear inIndian postal stamp
Ans : Jawaharlal Nehru
*The first Indian Emperor  to appear in Indian postage stamp'
Ans : Chandra Gupta Maurya
*First Mughal ruler to appear in Indian postal stamp
Ans : Akbar
*First Indian monument to appear in Indian postal stamp
Ans : Purana Kila
*The country which issued biggest postal stamp 
Ans : China 
*The first country in the world to issue Postal Card 
Ans : Australia
*The first foreigner to appear in Indian postal stamp
Ans : Henry Dunant (Founder of Red Cross)
*The first foreign woman to appear in Indian postage stamp
Ans : Annie Besant 
*The first Indian lady to appear in Indian postage stamp 
Ans : Meera Bai
* The first Indian lady to appear in postal stamp of a foreign country
Ans : Mother Teresa (U.S Postage stamp)
*The first woman in the world who appeared in Postal stamp
Ans : Queen Victoria
* First Indian actor to appear in USA’s postal stamp
Ans : Akkineni Nageswara Rao
*First actress to appear in Indian postal stamp
Ans : Nargeez Dutt
*First woman dancer to appear in Indian Postal Stamp
Ans : Rugmini Devi
*The first US President to appear in Indian Postal Stamp 
Ans :  Abraham Lincoln
*The postal staff who became the president of USA
Ans : Abraham Lincoln
*The Malayalam daily, which appeared on Indian Postal Stamp in 2013
Ans : Malayala Manorama
*My stamp is  the brand name for personalized sheet of Postage Stamps of India Post. The cost of one My Stamp sheet is Rs. 300/-
*India attained its present postal administrative system through
Ans : The post office Act of 1854
*The first General Post Office (GPO) in India was setup at 
Ans :  Culcutta (1774)
*The Governor General at the time of establishing GPO 
Ans : Wareen Hastings
*GPO started in Bombay and Madras Presidencies in the year 
Ans : 1786 and 1793
*Number of postal zones in India 
Ans : 9 (including eight regional zones and one functional zone)
*The ninth postal zone
Ans : The Army postal service 
*The total number of postal circles in India  
Ans : 22
*First post office in Kerala was formed in 
Ans : Alappuzha (1857)
*Kerala Postal division having the most number of Post offices in 
Ans : Pathanamthitta 
*The Headquarters of Indian Postal System 
Ans : New Delhi
*Indian Postal Department’s first e - commerce centre is inaugurated at
Ans : Safdarjung (New Delhi, 11th May 2015)
* The first princely state to issue a stamp - 
Ans : Kathiawar in Gujarat 
*The first princely state in India to introduce a postal system
Ans : Travancore
*The maximum amount that can transfer through electronic money order system 
Ans : Rs. 5000/-
*India has two way money order system with 
Ans : Bhutan and Nepal
*The first Cyber post office in India
Ans : Chennai (Tamil Nadu)
*The first stamp of Independent India 
Ans : The Indian flag with patriotic slogan Jai Hind’ (1947)
* The second Stamp produced in independent
Ans : The Lion capital of Asoka  
*The first stamp designer in India   
Ans : Captain H.L.Thuillier (Deputy Surveyoi General Calcutta) 
*The first post office outside the country set up by India
Ans : Dakshin Gangotri in Antartica (1983) 
*The Extra Departmental Agents (EDA) working in the Department of Posts 
Ans : ‘Gramin Dak Sewaks'.
*First Postal ATM in India 
Ans : Patna GPO (Bihar, 16th May 2015) 
*First postal savings bank ATM in Kerala was started at 
Ans : Thiruvananthapuram 
*First Post Office savings Bank ATM in India 
Ans : Chennai (Tamil Nadu, 27th February 2014) 
*New project introduced by Indian postal Department aims at the modernization of post offices and development of rural postal system 
Ans : Project Arrow 
*Project Arrow was introduced on
Ans : 17th August 2008
*The first speed post system in Kerala 
Ans : Ernakulam district 
*First floating post office in India 
Ans : Dal lake (Srinagar)
*The first women post office in India 
Ans : New Delhi 
*The first women post office in Kerala
Ans : Thiruvananthapuram
*Indian Postal stamp printing press
Ans : Nasik
*Postal Staff college in
Ans : Ghaziabaad (Uttar Pradesh) 
*National Philatelic Museum
Ans : New Delhi
*First country to introduce Khadhi Stamp
Ans : India
*The first state in India have post office in all villages 
Ans : Goa
* Kerala postal circle was set up in 
Ans : 1961
*Largest Post office in India 
Ans :  Mumbai
*The district in Kerala which has the most number of Post Offices 
Ans : Trissur 
*The district in Kerala which has the least number of Post Offices
Ans : Wayanad

King of  Hobbies 
*Father of postal stamp 
Ans : Rowland Hill
*The man who worked for first Postal Stamp in the world.
Ans : Rowland Hill (Penny Black)
*The hobby of ‘Stamp Collection’ 
Ans : Philately
*The father of Philately
Ans : Rowland Hill 
*The year in which Stamp collection was widely accepted as a hobby 
Ans : 1850 
*King of Hobbies
Ans : Philately 
*The hobby of post card collection 
Ans : Deltiology

Penny and Scinde 
*World’s first postal stamp 
Ans : Penny Black (1840) 
*Second postal stamp in the  world
Ans : Penny Blue (Britain)
*India’s first postal stamp 
Ans : Scinde Dawk (1852)

U.P.U (Universal Postal Union)

*U.P.U is a specialized agency of United Nations for co-ordinating postal policies among the countries.
*U.P.U was set up in 9th October 1874.
*India joined U.P.U in 1876. 
*It become a specialised agency of UN since 
Ans : 1947
*Now it have 192 members.
*The Headquarters of UPU is at Berne  (Switzerland)

A.P.P.U(Aslan Pacific Postal Union)

*Aims at improving the postal relations and to promote cooperation- in field of postal servies.
*A.P.P.U formed in -1961
*India joined A.P.P.U in - 1964 
*It have 32 members.
*In 2002 its headquarters shifted to Bangkok (Thailand)
*Asia Pacific Postal College situated in 
Ans : Bangkok

Postal Index Number

*Postal Index Number (PIN) is a six digit code used in Indian Postal Service.
*The first digit of the pincode indicates the postal zone.
*Second digit indicates subzone and third digit indicates the sorting district. 
*The final three digit represents individual post offices.
*Kerala, Tamilnadu and Lakshadweep are included in Postal zone 
Ans : 6
* Pin code of Supreme Court
Ans : 110201
*Came into existence in
Ans : 2013

Know these facts 

*VSAT - Very Small Aperture Terminals (Founded for Satellite Money order station)
*ESMOS - Extended Satellite Money Order Stations
*TMO - Transit Mail Offices
*STD - Subscriber Trunk Dialing
*ISD - International Subscriber Dialing
*NSD - National Subscriber Dialing
*PCO - Public Call Office in Telephone

Bear In Mind

*Money order system - 1880
*Post Office Savings Bank -1882
*Postal Life Insurance - 1884 
*Airmail service -1911 (Allahabad to Nainital) 
*PIN code system - 1972
*‘Quick Mail Service’ (QMS) - 1975
*Speed post service -  1986
*Satellite money order service -1994 
*Business post system - 1997
*Electronic Funds Transfer - 2001

Know by heart

*e-post and e-Bill post are two internet based , value added services introduced by the postal department, 
*e- Bill post is a system through which bills like Telephone, Mobile phones, Electricity, Watersupply etc. are paid at post offices. 
*e-payment is the convenient way to pay bills under one roof.

Books & Authors

*The story of Indian Post Office - MulkrajAnand
*Post Office - Rabindra Nath Tagore 
*Speed Post - Shobha De
*Revenue Stamp - Amrita Pritam
*Postman - Pablo Neruda


*First telegraph line in India
Ans : Calcutta and Diamod harbour
*India's first telephone exchange
Ans : Calcutta
*India’s first Automatic telephone exchange 
Ans : Shimla
*Telegraph was introduced in India 
Ans : 1851 
*Telegraph service in India was closed down on 
Ans : 2013 July 15
*Telecom Regulatory Authority of India  (TRAI) was formed in 
Ans : 1997
*Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd. (BSNL) was formed in
Ans : 2000
*BSNL is the largest telecom company in India.
*New mobile T.V.service launched by BSNL
Ans : Ditto T.V.
*Mahanagar Telecom Nigam Ltd (MTNL) 3G services in India launched by
Ans : MTNL (India)
*Cell phone service of MTNL 
Ans : Dolphin 
*First mobile phone service in India was started at 
Ans : Calcutta (1995)
*Father of Mobile Phone 
Ans : Martin Cooper
*First company 
* The telecom company which started India’s first payment Bank
Ans : Airtel (Rajasthan)
*The First company in India to provide Internet Service;
Ans : VSNL (Videsh Sanchar Nigam Limited) 
*In India, Internet service is started in the year 
Ans : 1995
*Cell phone service of BSNL is known as 
Ans : Cell One
*India’s largest Cell phone Service provider 
Ans : Airtel
*First state in India to introduce Mobile number portability 
Ans : Haryana 
*First cell phone service provider in Kerala 
Ans : Escotel (Now Idea)
*The helpline number launched by central government to educate and provide support to peoples related to cashless transactions 
Ans : 14444

Sam Pitroda

*Father of Indian Telecom Industry  
Ans : Sam Pitroda
*Father of Indian telecommunications revolution 
Ans : Sam Pitroda,
*Famous book written by Sam Pitroda
Ans : 'Dreaming Big - My Journey to Connect India'
*BSNL - 1“ October 2000
*VSNL - 1“ April 1986
*MTNL - 1st April 1986
*The first company in India to provide mobile coverage 
Ans : Airtel
*World’s longest secure telecommunication network started in 
Ans : China (712 km)

International Telecommunication Union (ITU)

*United Nations specialized agency for information and communication technologies 
Ans : ITU 
*Formed on 17th May 1865 
*Headquarters - Geneva (Switzerland)

Ring a bell

*World Telecommunication day- May 17 
*National Telephone day - April 25

Help Line

*The toll free number launched by the central government for registering postal complaints
Ans : 1924
*India’s main helpline number for a range of exigencies including police, fire and ambulance 
Ans : 112


*The first ever Radio broadcasting started in India in
Ans : 1923 (Mumbai)
*Indian broadcasting service started in 
Ans : 1930
*Indian broadcasting was renamed ‘All India Radio’(AIR) in 1936 and later it became known as'‘Akashavani’ 
since 1957.
*The name ‘Akashavani’ was'given by 
Ans : Rabindranath Tagore
*The headquarters of Akashavani Bhavan
Ans : New Delhi
*AIR ‘News on Telephone’ and Air ‘Live on Internet’ started in 1998.
*Vividh Bharati service started in 1957
*The year in which the Golden Jubilee of Vividh Bharati celebrated 
Ans : 2007
*Yuvavani service started in Delhi in 1969
*India’s first private F.M. Radio station Radio city was launched in Bengaluru 
*The first FM service in India was started from Madras in 1977 
*Travancore Radio station under taken by All India Radio on 
Ans : 1st April 1950
*Radio service started in Kerala on 
Ans : 12th March 1943 (Thiruvananthapuram) 
*First FM Service station in Kerala was started at 
Ans : Kochi (1989) 
*First Private FM channel in Kerala 
Ans : Radio Mango 91.9 (29th November 2007)
*The first university in India to have a radio station of its own
Ans : ‘Sardar Patel University’ (Gujarat) 
*First Community Radio station in India was introduced by
Ans : Anna University (Tamil Nadu)
*The first Indian Jail, having a radio station 
Ans : Tihar Jail (New Delhi)
*World’s smallest Radio receiver was developed by 
Ans : Harward University 
*New Radio that was developed by BEL for Indian Armed forces 
*First country in the world to switch off  its FM Radio Network 
Ans : Norway

Mann Ki Baat

*Radio programme hosted by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to address the people of the nation through Radio 
Ans : Mann- Ki Baat Radio 
*The first Mann Ki Baat programme was broadcasted on
Ans : 3rd October 2014



*Father of Television 
Ans : John Logie Baird
*First Live telecast programme in Television in the world
Ans : Horse Race (Epson Derby, 1931)
*First advertisment in Television
Ans : Bulova Watches
*The first Television centre in India came into existence in
Ans : 1959 (as a pilot project)
*Television serials are also known as 
Ans : ‘Soap Opera’
*Education channel started by IGNOU 
Ans : Gyaan Darshan
*F.M service started by IGNOU for educational purpose 
Ans : Gyaan Vaani
*The first general service started from Delhi on a regular basis in
Ans : 1965 
*National Telecasters were introduced in 
Ans : 1982
*The first live programme of Doordarsan was New Delhi Asian Games in 1982 
*The first colour Television programme in India
Ans : The live telecast of the Independence Day speech by Indira Gandhi (1982)
*The first private owned channel (Hindi channel)
Ans : Zee TV
*The Satellite helped to broadcast victors T.V.
Ans : Edusat
*The first private channel in South India
Ans : Sun TV
*The first private channel in Malayalam
Ans : Asianet 
*First Malayalam TV Channel exclusively for women
Ans : Sakhi TV 
*The first private fulltime news channel in Malayalam 
Ans : Indiavision
*World’s first free DTH service
Ans : DD Direct Plus (DTH - Direct to Home)
*The biggest television channel in the World BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) 
*BBC was started in 1922 
*World Television day 
Ans : November 21

Countries & Broadcasting Agencies

*Qatar -Al-Jazeera
*Indonesia -Antara
*Japan -Kyodo News
*China -Xinhua
*Nepal -Rastriya Samchara Samiti
*UK - Reuters


Calcutta General Advertiser
*The first Newspaper in the history of India
Ans : Bengal Gazette
*Bengal Gazette was first published in
Ans : 29th January 1780 (Calcutta)
*Bengal Gazette was also known as 
Ans : Calcutta General Advertiser
*Bengal Gazette was started by
Ans : James Augustus Hickey
*The “Father of Indian Press”
Ans : James Augustus Hickey
*The first Indian language newspaper
Ans : Samachar Darpan (Bengali)
*The oldest continously published newspaper in India 
Ans : Bombay Samachar 
*Boambay Samachar was started by 
Ans : Fardunjee Marzban (1822)
*The state in which the most number of newspapers are published 
Ans : Uttar Pradesh
*The state which publishes newspapers in most number of languages 
Ans : New Delhi
*The state which does not publish any newspapers
Ans : Arunachal,Pradesh
*Indian News paper Day 
Ans : January 29 
*National Press Day
Ans : November 16 
*World Press Freedom Day 
Ans : May 3
*The state that has launched pink envelope for the delivery of documents, summons and notices for High Court purposes 
Ans : Jharkhand 

News Agencies in India

Press Trust of India (PTI)

*PTI is the largest news agency in India.
*PTI was registered at Madras in
Ans : 27th August 1947
*PTI started functioning in
Ans : 1st February 1949
*Head Quarters of PTI
Ans : NewDelhi

United News of India (UNI) 

*UNI is a multilingual news agency in India.
*UNI was founded in 1961.
*UNI remains the first and only news agency in the world to supply news in Urdu.

Press Council of India (PCI) 

*It was constituted on 4th July 1966
*PCI helps newspapers to maintain their independence.

Indo - Asian News Service (IANS)

*IANS was established in 1986.
*IANS provides news from India and South Asian regions.

Press Information Bureau (PIB) 

*A nodal agency of the Government of India which is based on National Media Center
*It collects the information of programms and achievements on government plans
*PIB was formed in 1919
*PIB headquarters is in New Delhi
*Father of Indian Journalism 
Ans : Chalapathi Rao 
*Grand Old Man of Indian Journalist 
Ans : Thushar Kanti Ghosh
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