Vinegar-And-Citric-Acid Related Question Answers

1. For the BJT to operate in the saturation region, the base-emitter junction must be ________-biased and the base-collector junction must be ________-biased.

2. Which of the following doping will produce a p-type semiconductor

3. Categorize the power efficiency of each class of amplifier, from worst to best.

4. The RMS value of a half wave rectifier current is 10 A. Its value for full wave rectification would be

5. A BJT is a ________-controlled device. The JFET is a ________ - controlled device.

6. Which of the following materials is (are) used in the manufacturing of thermistors?

7. The state-variable filter

8. Which of the following applies to a safe MOSFET handling?

9. Malt vinegar is produced from

10. PIV is which of the following?

11. The all-pass filter is used when

12. Instrumentation amplifiers are normally used to measure

13. Vinegar production consists of

14. Zener diodes with breakdown voltages greater than 5 V operate predominantly in what type of breakdown?

15. What is the difference voltage if the inputs are an ideal in-phase signal?

16. Which type of power amplifier is biased for operation at less than 180º of the cycle?

17. Which filter has a maximally flat response?

18. Compared to bipolar transistor, a JFET has

19. What is a typical conduction voltage for a silicon diode?

20. The process known as signal compression is used with a(n) ____ amplifier.

21. The diode ________.

22. A low-pass filter has a cutoff frequency of 1.23 kHz. Determine the bandwidth of the filter.

23. Internal transistor junction capacitances affect the high-frequency response of amplifiers by

24. The smaller capacitive elements of the design will determine the ________ cutoff frequencies.

25. In koji process for the fermentation to produce citric acid,

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