USA-GK Related Question Answers

26. What did Roosevelt’s “fireside chats” do?

27. When did Gertrude Belle Elion get Nobel Prize for Medicine?

28. Who founded Rhode Island?

29. Who were Marilyn Monroe’s co-stars in How to Marry a Millionaire?

30. What power does the central government gain in regards to slavery under the U.SConstitution?

31. Which was Edgar Lawrence Doctorow’s first novel?

32. From which country USA got California, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, Utah and parts of Colorado and Wyoming in 1848?

33. What did Germany do in 1917 to hasten Russia’s exit from the war?

34. Where did Lauren Bacall die?

35. Which of the following was the cornerstone of John Tyler's campaign for the annexation of Texas?

36. Americans’ antiwar sentiments in the 1920s were reflected in

37. Which university did Sinclair Lewis attend?

38. When was Robert Kennedy born?

39. What was the name of the French commander-in-chief?

40. Which is the capital of Minnesota?

41. Which country is to the east of Alaska?

42. Who issued the charter to establish the colony of Carolina?

43. Where was William Taft sent as Chief Civil Administrator?

44. When did St. John Neumann die?

45. When was Harry Truman first sworn in as President of USA?

46. What did the Montgomery G.IBill do?

47. In which film did Judy Garland sing You Made Me Love You?

48. Which ocean is to the south of Wisconsin?

49. The first official U.SGovernment is best described as a:

50. The Thirteenth Amendment

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