USA-GK Related Question Answers

1. What did the Immigration Act of 1924 do?

2. All of the following were true of the Black Panthers except

3. Lincoln’s primary objective during the war was

4. What was the focus of the Tehran Conference?

5. All of the following statements accurately characterize the civil rights movement between 1940 and 1970 except

6. Who was the President when James Madison was Secretary of State?

7. Which type of government will most likely lead to a military dictatorship?

8. What state ratified the Articles of Confederation last?

9. William Tecumseh Sherman’s March to the Sea

10. What three Americans served to negotiate the Treaty of Paris?

11. How is Kansas popularly known?

12. Where was James Pritchard born?

13. When did Neil Armstrong die?

14. When was Warren Gamaliel Harding born?

15. When was John Harvey Kellogg born?

16. Which of Andrew Jackson's battles was fought completely unnecessarily?

17. How many gold medals did Jesse Owens win in Berlin Olympics 1936?

18. Where was John Bardeen a professor of electrical engineering and physics?

19. Who founded Holly Springs?

20. Which city is considered the geographic centre of North America?

21. Under whom did Norbert Wiener study mathematical logic at Cambridge?

22. The Civil Rights Act of 1866 extended all of the following liberties to black Americans except

23. What is to the south of Connecticut?

24. Which part of the buffalo, unused by the Native Americans, littered the Great Plains?

25. Why did Arthur Ashe establish Arthur Ashe Foundation?

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