UK-GK Related Question Answers

76. When was Neville Chamberlain born?

77. When did Oliver Sacks serve at Albert Einstein College of Medicine?

78. When did Edward IV die?

79. What did Robert Hooke name the microscopic honeycomb cavities found in cork?

80. Where was Robert Edwards born?

81. Which of the following is applicable to Catherine Parr with regard to her marriage to Henry VIII?

82. When did Scotland Yard move its offices to Norman Shaw Buildings?

83. Which college in Australia did Lawrence Bragg attend?

84. When did Elizabeth Woodville die?

85. When was Westminster Abbey consecrated?

86. What prevented David Lloyd George from travelling to Russia with Horatio Herbert Kitchener in 1916?

87. Which city was captured by Robert Clive in 1751?

88. Which college did Oliver Cromwell attend?

89. Where did Oliver Cromwell die?

90. Where did William Somerset Maugham die?

91. Where was Harold Wilson born?

92. Where did Richard Burdon Haldane die?

93. Who of the following portrayed John Harold Plumb in novels?

94. Where was Arthur Clarke born?

95. Who was Jane Seymour’s mother?

96. Where was Charles John Canning born?

97. When did James Black get Nobel Prize for Medicine?

98. When did George Nathaniel Curzon die?

99. Who is the first woman Prime Minister of United Kingdom?

100. From which place close to its headquarters did London’s Metropolitan Police derive the name Scotland Yard?

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