UK-GK Related Question Answers

51. Where did Patrick Steptoe study medicine?

52. When was Munich Agreement permitting annexation of Sudetenland by Germany signed?

53. What did Henry Cavendish produce by dissolving metals in acids?

54. When did John Constable die?

55. Where was Robert Hooke born?

56. When did Margaret Beaufort change the name of God House to Christ’s College?

57. Who directed Richard Attenborough in the film in which he played Lt. General James Outram?

58. When was the Battle of Waterloo?

59. When was the Battle of Tewkesbury?

60. When did Matthew Flinders join the Royal Navy?

61. When did Austen Chamberlain get Nobel Prize for Peace?

62. Which Act passed in 1832 allowed more people to vote?

63. When was Scenes from Metropolitan Life published?

64. Which of the following is true of Jane Seymour?

65. When was Louis Leakey born?

66. Which is the capital of Pitcairn Islands?

67. When was Siegfried Sassoon born?

68. When did Henry Rider Haggard die?

69. Who refounded Westminster Abbey as Collegiate Church of St. Peter in Westminster in 1560?

70. When was the Battle of Plassey?

71. When did Charles Cornwallis become the Governor General of India?

72. Which of the following novels was published in 1907?

73. In which of the following films Timothy Dalton played James Bond?

74. Which is the last play written by William Shakespeare?

75. When did Louis Leakey die?

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