UK-GK Related Question Answers

26. When was Henry Rider Haggard in South Africa?

27. What was Jackie Collins’ full name?

28. During which war Winston Churchill was a journalist?

29. Where did the Indian soldiers mutiny on 10 May 1857?

30. Which poem of Alexander Pope was left unfinished?

31. Where did William Makepeace Thackeray die?

32. When did Edwin Lutyens die?

33. Where was Margaret Thatcher born?

34. In which film did Peter O’Toole make his debut?

35. When did Paul Dirac win Nobel Prize for Physics?

36. Where was David Lloyd George born?

37. Who was the captain of Bounty?

38. Which Act was passed at the insistence of George III?

39. Whom did George Nathaniel Curzon send to Tibet to negotiate trade and frontier issues?

40. Where was Freya Stark’s last expedition?

41. Which college did Samuel Coleridge attend?

42. Who forced Mary (Tudor) to be lady-in-waiting to infant Elizabeth?

43. When did Charles John Canning die?

44. Which demand of Liberals in 1909 was rejected by Edward VII?

45. Which book is an account of Thomas Edward Lawrence’s war activities?

46. When was Clement Attlee born?

47. Which book by Harold Wilson was the basis for nationalizing coal mines?

48. Where was Thomas Edward Lawrence born?

49. What made William Hyde Wollaston a rich man?

50. Whom did Margaret Beaufort marry first?

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