UK-GK Related Question Answers

1. Where was Robert Burns born?

2. What was Austen Chamberlain in 1903-1905?

3. When did Paul Dirac predict the existence of positron?

4. Which school did Henry Rider Haggard attend?

5. Which of the following wars was fought during Victoria’s reign?

6. When was the House at the Back that became part of 10 Downing Street constructed?

7. Which school did Jackie Collins attend?

8. When was Joseph Mallord William Turner born?

9. Which lake did David Livingstone discover on 8 November 1867?

10. When was John Scott Haldane born?

11. Where did Daniel Defoe study?

12. When was Elizabeth Woodville born?

13. When was New Zealand annexed?

14. To which party did Harold Wilson belong?

15. Which land did Matthew Flinders circumnavigate when he commanded Norfolk?

16. Which child of Edward VII died soon after birth?

17. Which constituency elected Oliver Cromwell to Parliament in 1640?

18. Which college did Arthur James Balfour attend?

19. When was Herbert Ernest Bates born?

20. Where was Henry Edward Manning born?

21. When did James Alexander Haldane publish Exposition of the Epistle to the Galatians?

22. When was Victoria crowned?

23. With what words Horatio Nelson inspire his men before the Battle of Trafalgar?

24. Where did Victor Hope die?

25. Where did Oliver Cromwell defeat the Scots on 3 September 1650?

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